Announcing H2O’s strategic partnership with Gamma

Announcing H2O’s strategic partnership with Gamma

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Gamma to support the management of Uniswap V3 positions.

Active liquidity management made easy

Gamma is an open-source protocol for verified, non-custodial active liquidity and portfolio management of concentrated liquidity pools. Concentrated liquidity managers (CLMs) are needed to manage concentrated liquidity positions on AMMs like Uniswap V3. Gamma’s Supervisor contracts automatically manage the price ranges, rebalances assets, and reinvests earned fees to generate optimal yields. Specifically, the protocol aims to address the volatility and inefficiencies of crypto asset markets using decentralized systems.

By partnering with Gamma, our users will be able to deposit their LP tokens directly to Gamma. Now, users don’t have to take on the hassle of managing active liquidity positions.

On launch day, we will seed 4 pools :  $ETH/$PSDN, $ETH/$H2O, $OCEAN/$H2O and $OCEAN/$PSDN. These pools will be crucial for H2O’s liquidity measures.

We believe this partnership will provide more value to our community and increase the overall adoption of H2O and PSDN.

Welcome to H2O

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About H2O

H2O is a Ocean-backed stableasset with a managed float regime that serves as a medium of exchange and unit of account in decentralized data marketplaces.



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