1st Annual Metaverse Economic Forum (MEF) to be hosted by MetaStreet, Meta4 Capital | London — November 4th, 2022

NFT financialization platform MetaStreet, in partnership with one of the largest liquidity providers for metaverse assets, Meta4 Capital, will co-host the first ever Metaverse Economic Forum, a conference focused on the economic infrastructure layer of the Metaverse.

London, October 20, 2022MetaStreet and Meta4 today announced their cohosting of the Metaverse Economic Forum (MEF) at the historic 8 Northumberland Avenue in Westminster, London on November 4th, 2022. The MEF will be the first ever conference dedicated entirely to projects building financial infrastructure for the burgeoning digital & decentralized economy (Metaverse). Top projects and investors in the space will come together to explore and debate complex and granular challenges within the industry.

Unlike the more generic and oversaturated conference formats typically offered by the crypto industry, the intent of the MEF is to create an intimate, exclusive and credible discussion forum with only the most cutting edge thinkers, builders and investors in the space. The top minds on NFTs, DAOs, DeFi and Gaming will debate & discuss their latest thinking on the composable foundations of Metaverse Economies through diametrically-opposing beliefs. Further, the format of the conference biases towards content creation and digital distribution far beyond the small in-person crowd, such that participants can benefit both from the clarity that comes only from close, personal conversations coupled with the reach provided by digital distribution.

Speakers include the founders of Arcade (NFT lending), ReadyPlayerDAO (gaming), Ethereal Ventures (venture capital), CyberKongz (NFT), Ethereum Name Services (utility NFTs), Spicyest (NFT valuation oracles) and Putty (NFT derivatives). Topics to be discussed range from debates on yield vs labor in the Metaverse, to NFT social graphs, to hedging strategies undertaken by leading Metaverse lenders. While the topics may be wide ranging in focus, each panel of speakers are uniquely positioned to offer deep, thoughtful insights on the topics as complete subject matter experts.

“As major participants in, and builders of, Metaverse financial infrastructure, we speak with cutting edge projects and founders on a daily basis,” said David Choi, co-founder and CEO of MetaStreet. “What we want to do with MEF is shine some light on those conversations, and share with the world some of the mind-blowing innovations taking place in our industry today — including at MetaStreet.”

“While the vast majority of news about the industry focuses on the flashy surface level of NFTs — from profile pictures to gaming assets — we have found that to really understand the potential disruption at hand, you have to peak under the hood and talk to the builders bringing forth zero-to-one innovations at an alarmingly fast cadence.“ said Brandon Buchanan, founder and Managing Partner of Meta4 Capital.

Visit mef.digital to reserve tickets to the MEF and find out more about the conference, schedule, speakers and sponsors.

About MetaStreet

Founded in 2021 by David Choi, Conor Moore, and Ivan Sergeev, MetaStreet is a permissionless NFT financialization platform that universalizes trust, credit and unique ownership of digitally-native assets at scale. For more information, visit https://www.metastreet.xyz/.

About Meta4 Capital

Founded in 2021 by Brandon Buchanan and Nabyl Charania, Meta4 Capital is a crypto-focused fund that identifies and invests in unique NFT projects with an emphasis on collectibles, art, gaming and virtual land. For more information, visit https://www.meta4.capital/.

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