MetaStreet Journal: March 2022— Announcing Tradeweaver
March 29th, 2022

⭕  Portals to other multiverses have emerged in the middle of the ocean.

⛵  Set sail on your maiden voyage on TradeWeaver.

Lore: At the island nearest to the Portals, you, a Laborer, arrive in hopes of making a name among other adventurers. A macaw lands on a totem pole that stands in front of the ship port staring at inscribed squiggles. These aren’t just random scribbles...

...they’re hidden trade routes.

I. Introduction to Tradeweaver

We understand that NFT lending is a novel concept, but we firmly believe the importance of this financial infrastructure for all metaverses. As we explore these uncharted waters, our hope is that we build a strong community that is not only excited about the possibilities of the metaverse, but can help shape how we will support metaverse growth. MetaStreet will be launching in steps focusing on: 1) Usability; 2) Scale; and 3) Decentralization. You, our community, will be critical to each step.

For this reason, we are announcing the launch of our ‘Community-as-a-Product’ onboarding program — Tradeweaver!

Tradeweaver is a step-by-step way to learn about MetaStreet’s protocol and topics like:

  • How debt works for NFTs
  • How to think about that calculation (”underwriting”)
  • How interest rates work
  • How to govern interest rates for the Metaverse through the MetaStreet protocol

Regardless if you are a NFT holder, a borrower, a lender, a capital provider, or someone along for the ride — we want every new member to onboard through Tradeweaver and eventually become an active governor of the platform not only through launch, but also through MetaStreet’s final decentralization.

II. Discover trade routes with the rest of the MetaStreet community

Tradeweaver is MetaStreet’s community onboarding program.

MetaStreet is a place, not just a protocol: Our goal was to turn our discord into a place. A place where people discuss, decide and learn. To do that, it requires us turning a seemingly complicated product into one that anyone with any background can understand and have a voice. Tradeweaver is the central part of that goal.

Lore: The Metaverse is quickly becoming a “Multi”-verse with so many metaverses, NFT assets to trade, and digital economies to explore. Your goal is to discover & establish trade routes to these new virtual worlds.

You start as a Laborer on your way to become a Merchant. Once you become a Merchant, you will be able to understand the economics of managing shipments of trade route through the Portals. Generate interest, and then to build out your trade empire. But first, you must learn how to ships are made by underwriting shipwrighting.

Wait, what are we implying here?

Trade Routes are your quests! They help you explore the protocol that we are building. They are tasks that help reinforce our security as not only a code-based protocol, but as a true 1) Decentralized; 2) Autonomous; 3) Organization.

  • Quests are also great ways to understand that you are in fact a human. How can we have a vote if it’s all done by robots without free will? Sybil protection is key!
  • As MetaStreet emerges in steps, we want to share what is being built. We also want to teach our community members how lending really works. Underwriting is a very difficult thing.
  • We want to show off how we answer & tackle every problem through our protocol
  • Bite-sized quests: You can view “Trade Routes” as bite-sized quests to help you understand, digest and control each part of the NFT debt process through MetaStreet’s protocol.

Key point: In the future, we will want to reward those who spent the time to learn & engage with our platform with stronger voting power in our governance strategy. A Tradeweaver is certainly more respected than just some Laborer when it comes to inter-metaverse interest rates!

  • This isn’t a one-and-done community onboarding program, it’ll have a direct effect in the very MetaStreet app itself.

III. What can you/we expect from Tradeweaver?

Let’s just go through the most classic problem in NFT debt. What exactly are the terms...and how did you end up with those numbers?

Scenario: Someone wants a loan against a CryptoPunk.

  • How much should you give against a CryptoPunk?
  • Does it matter if its 30 days or 90 days?
  • What about interest rate?
  • Isn’t there a super simple way to understand/do this for me?

Answer: It’s really a bunch of levers you control. If you move one lever though, it affects another. So, how do you find the perfect balance to achieve buoyancy? Through Tradeweaver, you’ll learn about:

  • How these debt “levers” interact with each other. 🎚️
  • What existing NFT lending protocols solve today: NFTfi, Arcade, etc.
  • Where MetaStreet plugs into these platforms
  • How to “control” these levers through MetaStreet
  • How to ensure your favorite Metaverse has the best economy in the Multiverse

Solving this problem will close the gap between the borrower & lender. It’s similar to building a ship as a shipwright: for a fast but windy journey, how much cargo should I bring? What are the best sails for the job? What if I overinvest in the hull...isn’t all that wood wasted?

Sharing tools that helped MetaStreet become the #1 lender: MetaStreet is creating tools to help the NFT finance community grow. They are the exact same tools that we used to scale our operations to becoming the largest liquidity provider in the NFT credit markets. We are now >75% of the CryptoPunk debt supply across all NFT debt protocols (NFTfi,

We hope to deliver value and transparency to the community. We will be hosting regular town halls, AMAs, sharing internal company meetings (protocol reviews), and creating a space for information to be shared freely and openly.

Not just about learning & exploring: we are a small team with hopes of having a very diverse & engaged community. We want to way to get everyone involved - if you are a creative, coder, or even just a tweeter, we want to make MetaStreet your home.

Create your own trade routes! Our tasks aren’t limited to just the quests we create. Maybe you’ll create your own quest and trail-blaze your path.

Give us feedback: on our website, our application, Tradeweaver, discord, User Interviews, all of the above. We know how important your voice is and we are so excited to hear from you.

IV. Community Ranks and Levels

With knowledge comes wisdom. As you learn more about MetaStreet & the NFT finance industry, complete tasks & tests, and test out a few of our features, you are MetaStreet’s future.

  1. LaborerYou got brawns, and that’s pretty much it”
  2. ShipwrightYou just realized what the sail was for”
  3. CaptainWow, sailing is really fun”
  4. Merchant “If it costs $5.00 here, and sell it for $6.00 over there, I make $1.00!”
  5. Tradeweaver “You are the interest rate”

By the people: We aren’t joking when I say you are the future.

We are early, and those who have learned about our platform’s ins-&-outs & help build our strategy, technology & vision will be the ones who will eventually lead our project.

The credit market is yours to conquer & that starts with controlling the trade routes across different virtual worlds. We naturally hope to reward early members as we start up our community.

  • This can be through early access, swag (both physical & digital!), ranks, whitelist spots, voting power, and much more!

About MetaStreet

MetaStreet is a liquidity routing and scaling protocol for NFT credit markets. MetaStreet vaults sit one layer behind direct origination platforms, facilitating diversified NFT credit exposure for the capital allocator along with perpetual secondary market liquidity for the active originator. Participants compete to allocate capital and control interest rates across NFT types, achieving optimal capital efficiency and scaling the GDP of the Metaverse.

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