A New Chapter in Interoperability with Coinbase Wallet and XMTP

Today, Lens Protocol is thrilled to announce we have collaborated with Coinbase Wallet and XMTP, marking a strategic advancement in the current decentralized web landscape. This integration expands Lens communication tools to encompass all social communications, including posts, followers, and now, DMs directly in your Coinbase Wallet. Social activity composability is key to unlocking many of the benefits of Web3 social. This integration with Coinbase Wallet and XMTP reinforces our commitment to making the decentralized web a tangible, user-friendly reality that benefits users.

A Commitment to User Empowerment

Lens Protocol is built on the belief that users should own their online identity and interactions. We're committed to creating a decentralized social graph that puts people in control of their profiles, connections, posts, and data. Our vision is to enable the social layer for Web3.

This Coinbase Wallet integration creates a more cohesive, user-friendly experience. With the integration of XMTP and .lens handles, Coinbase Wallet holders can manage their social interactions and digital assets.

The Future of Secure Communication in Web3

The integration of XMTP into Coinbase Wallet, is a game-changer for Web3 communication. XMTP, an open protocol for secure Web3 messaging, brings the assurance of end-to-end encryption. This is a critical step towards creating a secure, private communication channel within the Web3 ecosystem that allows people to communicate with security and privacy. Coinbase Wallet is a self-custody crypto wallet known for its robust security features and user-friendly interface.

Interoperability: The Foundation of a Seamless Web3 Experience

Interoperability is a fundamental building block of the decentralized web. It's about creating a seamless and interconnected user experience, allowing different platforms and applications to work together harmoniously.

With this integration, Lens Protocol users can now message directly within Coinbase Wallet. Since Lens’ initial integration with XMTP last year, many popular Lens Web3 social applications, such as Orb, Buttrfly and Lenster, have already integrated XMTP DMs. This integration makes it easy for these users to message directly from the Coinbase Wallet and keep their conversations going fluidly. This is a significant step towards creating a seamless experience for users who are part of both ecosystems. Additionally, if you have a Lens handle, you can search your friends directly from your Coinbase Wallet via their .lens handle and send messages and crypto assets.

At Lens, we envision a future where digital wallets transcend their traditional role, becoming social and multiplayer platforms that foster interaction and community. This vision is at the heart of our integration with Coinbase Wallet. By leveraging the power of our decentralized social graph, we're not just enhancing the functionality of digital wallets - we're redefining and expanding their role in the Web3 ecosystem.

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