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May 17th, 2022

Introducing Nabu - Empowering NFT owners to unlock the full value of their NFTs

NFTs are on course to becoming mainstream. Trading volumes this year have already surpassed the whole of 2021, the number of wallets that own NFTs are increasing exponentially, and several publicly traded companies are positioning to catch the NFT gravy train. The use cases of these digital assets are growing too, which is likely to drive mainstream adoption very soon.

We have come a long way since the $100 million dollar trading volume in 2020. While we see huge growth in all parts of the ecosystem, NFTs as an asset class remain immature and difficult to use for a few reasons:

  • Displaying and tracking your NFTs is hard - due to the many unconsolidated blockchains, services, and platforms that exist.
  • Managing your NFT portfolio as an investment is complicated.
  • NFTs lack financial utilities and offer less benefits than non digital assets.
  • Web 3 ecosystem lacks mainstream friendly user experience and focuses on crypto „degens”.

Introducing Nabu. A platform that empowers NFT investors to:

  • Manage NFTs in a similar way they manage their other investments and understand important factors such as previous and current market price, value drivers, P+L of their portfolio and much more.
  • Enjoy an initiative user experience by accessing information through a single, easy to use and easy to understand all-inclusive dashboard.
  • Access financial utilities such as loans to access instant liquidity without selling their NTfs or insurance to protect their high worth digital assets.

How do we do this?

We are building a world class, comprehensive dashboard that incorporates all relevant information that NFT investors are interested in. We have interviewed dozens of Flippers and Hodlers to come up with the most relevant product that helps NFT owners understand the full spectrum.

With Nabu, investors not only are going to be able to:

Stay on the pulse of new and emerging NFTs with the Nabu dashboard

Discover the value drivers of their NFTs

Understand the latest trends with Nabu’s hype factor score

Value NFTs with similar traits and rarities

Monitor whale-owned NFTs in your collection

Access historical data including traits, floor price and more

We have also created a Machine Learning powered valuation engine to accurately price nft collections based on both open and proprietary data sources, including trade volumes, sales history, NFT metadata, social media hype and more. Through constant learnings and tweaking we have become extremely accurate on valuing NFTs (more on this in another post…)

We are launching with our closed beta very soon. To be updated on our latest news:

See you there!

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