How to buy AURA on HaloTrade

As the Aura ecosystem continues to flourish, the AURA token is becoming more essential. This step-by-step guide will show you how to buy your very own AURA tokens on HaloTrade.

By getting AURA tokens, you're planting a seed to unlock the door to all features and services within the Aura ecosystem, and we can't wait to watch your portfolio grow!

Step 1: Get USD Coin (USDC) on BNB chain

Step 2: Transfer USDC from the BNB chain to Aura Network

Cross Chain Transfer
Cross Chain Transfer
  • Go to

  • Click on the¬†Cross Chain Transfer¬†tab.

  • Select your origin chain in the¬†From:¬†field and¬†Aura¬†in the¬†To:¬†field.

  • Click on¬†Connect wallet to see balance¬†and accept in your wallet provider.

  • Select the token you want to transfer and type in the amount.

  • Review the details for the transfer including the transfer fee and final received amount.

  • On the bottom field¬†Recipient address on ...¬†enter your¬†Aura¬†destination address.

Click on Transfer and confirm the transaction on your wallet provider for the external chain.

Tips: You are advised to use Metamask for better cross-chain transfer experience.

Check out full guide here.

Step 3: Swap USDC for AURA, use Swap on HaloTrade

Swap on HaloTrade
Swap on HaloTrade
  • Select USDC as the token that you wish to exchange.

  • Select AURA as the token you want to receive in the swap.

  • Specify the amount of USDC tokens you're planning to exchange.

  • Click¬†Swap to review the details of the transaction.

Once the transaction has been validated and processed, the swapped AURA tokens will appear in your wallet.

Tips: In case you do not have any AURA for gas fee in your first trade on HaloTrade, you can request a fee grant allowance by clicking Request fee grant on the Wallet popup.

Request fee grant
Request fee grant

In order to be eligible for the fee grant program, users must have USDC tokens and should not have any AURA tokens in their wallet.

Check out full guide here.

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Keep trading and see you in the next swap!

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