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First is the upcoming launch of the ōRouter which will power the decentralized wireless ōCash network. Second, on October 31st, you will be able to withdraw ōCash rewards to the Ethereum blockchain via Wrapped ōCash or you can put your ōCash to work with $GROW, $STACK, and $BURN. Everything will be managed through your www.oca.sh profile.

NOTE: For context, some coins modeled similarly to the dynamics of Wrapped ōCash are MakerDAO (MAKER) and KASPA (KAS). The timing is around the Bitcoin halvening. For those willing to wait, the biggest rewards will start after the halvening.

Wrapped ōCash is ōCash.

A total of 21,000,000,000 Wrapped ōCash is minted to a reserve contract whose ownership has been relinquished. ~216,000,000 circulating supply ōCash has been generated in the genesis block. The reserve contract allows the community to withdraw the rewards of the airdrop, the ōRouter rewards, and the ōLand power rewards. ōCash mainnet will start with 21,000,000,000 frozen in a matching contract in it’s Genesis block ensuring that the total initial supply is 21,000,000,000 with the total liquid supply at ~216,000,000.

For the month of October, you will earn a 110% bonus ōCash for whatever you earned in the drop. That reward rate drops rapidly to a 23% bonus in November 2023. For the remaining rates you can check your profile at www.oca.sh and look

Want more ōCash? Put it to work.

You can multiply Wrapped ōCash by putting it to work, depositing it into a cycle of three interconnected reward tokens, $GROW, $STACK, and $BURN. Each reward token provides different decentralized financial services.

🟥 GROW: Microlending token to provide small loans to borrowers within the ecosystem.

🟩 STACK: Token that collects a share of the network's overall lending transaction fees and necessary in the upcoming proposed stable basket.

🟨 BURN: A deflationary token which leads to the largest amount of Wrapped ōCash rewards, it is burned or permanently destroyed to redeem Wrapped ōCash.

Combine them correctly 🟥🟩🟨 and earn up to 28x more.

These tokens require the deposit of the previous but if you put them together correctly you can stack many times your wrapped ōCash.

The cycle compounds (until $BURN runs out).

Compound your rewards by putting wrapped ōCash to work.
Compound your rewards by putting wrapped ōCash to work.

Each token earns more from the depositing the last compounding your ultimate reward. Best part is at any time you can pull out the reward token and redeem it 1x1 for ōCash. The process looks like this:

  • Deposit Wrapped ōCash to earn 🟥 $GROW.

  • Deposit 🟥 $GROW to earn 🟩 $STACK.

  • Deposit 🟩 $STACK to earn 🟨 $BURN.

  • Deposit 🟨 $BURN to earn Wrapped ōCash.

The cycle generates Wrapped ōCash, but you can leave when you want.
The cycle generates Wrapped ōCash, but you can leave when you want.

$GROW, $STACK, and $BURN, can be converted to Wrapped ōCash at a 1:1 swap ratio, meaning any time you have a balance, that can be converted to Wrapped ōCash. As users escalate up the farming cycle, rewards begin to drastically increase.

Each of the distinct tokens have variable rates and durations. For example, for depositing Wrapped ōCash for 6 days to earn $GROW grants users +2.5% of their total ōCash balance back in $GROW after that period. However if they use the 18 day deposit duration, users will be granted +10% of their total deposited balance back in $GROW after the period.

Reward table for Wrapped ōCash
Reward table for Wrapped ōCash

Wrapped ōCash offers a fresh take on increasing your ōCash. Users earn rewards through the new cycle of interconnected tokens, $GROW, $STACK, and $BURN. These coins are integral to the growing ecosystem built on top of ōLand, ōCash, and the ōRouters. As the wireless network, ōLand combinations, and the Bitcoin halvening approaches, the future of ōCash is bright. Don't miss out on putting your ōCash to work!

But what do these new tokens do?

Other than what’s been discussed above details have not been announced.

Contract Stealth Launch

The wrapped ōCash smart contract address will use a ‘Stealth Launch’ technique to avoid a liquidity squeeze (and because its more fun). The official contract address will be posted to X (@overlinenetwork) without a preannouncement.

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