GameSwift Joins Base, Zora, and Redstone as the Superchain's First AI Gaming Chain

TL;DR: GameSwift is joining the Superchain! 🔴

Key takeaways:

  • GameSwift launches its core product, the GameSwift Modular Chain, a gaming-optimized Layer 2 solution for Ethereum.

  • As a Layer 2 solution for Ethereum, we leverage Ethereum's security, scalability, and low fees to create an optimal environment for gaming and AI projects.

  • Built on the open-source OP Stack, it is the first AI Gaming Chain to join the Superchain.

  • Users first: GameSwift has always been user-centric. The Superchain aligns with our vision.

  • Central to the GameSwift Chain’s operation is $GSWIFT, a gas token that fuels transactions within the ecosystem.

  • Partnered projects under GameSwift will be able to build Layer 3 blockchains tailored to their specific needs.

  • Joining Superchain means collaborating with other platforms within the Superchain, such as Base, Zora, Redstone, Mode Network, Fraxtal, Cyber, Ancient 8, and others.

Prepare for a paradigm shift in the gaming industry with the upcoming debut of GameSwift Modular Chain, powered by OP Stack!

This innovation ushers in a new era of gaming where game studios can focus on creating top-tier products and exploring new revenue streams, all while delivering an unparalleled user experience to players.

With advanced technology and user-centric design inspired by the Superchain, GameSwift Chain promises unmatched innovation and seamless ecosystem integration. Over 100 games have already embraced GameSwift's vision, with more joining every month.

Keep reading to learn more about GameSwift Chain and for a chance to mint a commemorative NFT.

What is GameSwift Chain?

GameSwift Modular Chain is a Layer 2 solution for Ethereum using the OP stack. Unlike general-purpose blockchain platforms, the GameSwift Modular Chain stands out with its specialized focus on gaming, tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges of game developers.

Leveraging Optimism’s technology and collaborating with other open-source optimistic rollups within the Superchain, we are set to scale a robust web3 gaming ecosystem and invite the next billion users to the exciting future of decentralized gaming.

At the core of GameSwift Chain is $GSWIFT, a dedicated gas token powering transactions within this environment.

A key principle of GameSwift is maintaining flexibility through modular infrastructure. In the future, partnered projects under the GameSwift umbrella will be able to build Layer 3 blockchains tailored to their specific needs, using $GSWIFT as their gas token or creating their own based on individual preferences.

Why Go Superchain?

We have been striving to find the ideal technological solution to support our vision of a decentralized foundation for our gaming-optimized blockchain. Our goal is not only to address this challenge but also to set a new standard for gaming chains.

Committed to a modular ecosystem, we successfully pioneered a gaming and AI rollup using the OP stack. This achievement was made possible through our alignment with the Superchain ecosystem on three core principles:

• Prioritizing user experience for widespread adoption,

• Embracing progressive decentralization,

• Fostering collective growth.

Optimism is leading the way towards a collaborative Superchain ecosystem where all chains are equal, and benefits are shared. The primary focus is to onboard users on-chain, regardless of the OP Chain used. This is where our paths cross as GameSwift introduces a network aimed at sustainable growth in gaming and AI, bringing mainstream users to web3 gaming.

Joining the Superchain network means:

  • Scalability: Meeting rising demands while maintaining peak performance. A scalable solution to bring crypto gaming to the masses.

  • Low fees on transactions.

  • Secure environment for users: Ethereum-level security, ensuring a safe and reliable ecosystem.

  • User-centric approach.

  • Network effect: Collaborating with other platforms within the Superchain. User flow between GameSwift and other rollups with large user bases, such as Base (incubated by Coinbase).

  • Progressive decentralization.

Testnet Launch: June 27, 3 pm UTC.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the GameSwift Chain Testnet, starting on June 27th at 3 pm UTC and running until the Mainnet release.

This is an exciting opportunity for users like you to engage with the latest GameSwift Modular Chain technology before its full deployment. Your valuable feedback can help shape the final product's success.

As part of the Testnet release, we invite you to join our race to Mainnet. This period will be filled with engaging activities, including interviews with developers and partners, exciting missions, and online events.

GameSwift’s Future Looks Optimistic!

Our vision for a comprehensive and welcoming environment for next-gen gaming projects is coming to life with the launch of the GameSwift Modular Chain.

Seamlessly integrated with all GameSwift products—Platform, ID, and Launcher—this chain delivers everything games need to thrive. Built on OP Stack, it guarantees unparalleled scalability, Ethereum-grade security, and cost-efficiency.

We are scaling to create a resilient web3 gaming ecosystem centered around the GameSwift Chain, with future Layer 3 solutions building upon it.

We encourage collaborations within the Superchain family, providing opportunities for gaming enthusiasts and AI innovators from outside the crypto sphere to explore on-chain capabilities within the most welcoming and user-friendly ecosystem, Ethereum.

Ultimately, our overarching goal is clear: to invite the next billion users to the decentralized future of gaming.

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