The $385M+ GameSwift DAO Tresury is Now Live!

Introducing GS DAO Treasury!

Now powered by 44% of the $GSWIFT supply, with more to come!

More games. More partnered projects. This treasury is growing to secure a place in the top 10 DeFi treasuries and become the number one in web3 gaming!

Current Value: $386.571.933

Access the Treasury website here


What is the GameSwift DAO Treasury?

The GameSwift DAO features an integrated treasury system that accumulates community value. This treasury is governed by the community and used to finance ongoing development of the organization, its technologies, and the GameSwift ecosystem.

Stakers of $GSWIFT tokens and participants in GS Pay have the ability to vote on how the treasury's funds should be utilized.

What fuels the Treasury?

GameSwift led the way by contributing 44% of the total $GSWIFT supply to our treasury. These funds are strictly locked and governed by the decisions made within the GameSwift DAO.

And that's not all! In the future, expect games and other partnered projects to add their tokens to our treasury, creating a powerful pool of funds under community governance.

Where will the funds be allocated?

The possibilities are endless! The funds can be allocated towards ecosystem development, future grant programs, incentives for games to build on the GameSwift modular blockchain, and more. However, these decisions will ultimately be made by the DAO.

Gameswift DAO Treasury: A Powerful Tool For Decentralized Governance

In the community-driven management of GameSwift, the Treasury has a vital role. By actively participating in governance, individuals wield the power to directly shape the future of GameSwift.

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