G-BUCKS: Universal Gaming Asset and Your Fuel For Web3 Gaming.

This week, the StarHeroes game launched! If you've been eagerly waiting to dominate the competition, there's a secret weapon that can give you an edge: G-BUCKS.

G-BUCKS are a universal gaming asset that can serve as premium currency in any game. They're a game-changing resource, fueling web3 gaming with numerous use cases and easy implementation.

Keep reading to learn more about G-BUCKS, how they can help you advance in the game, and more.

Additionally, users who purchased GearBoxes from the GameSwift Shop are in for a pleasant surprise. Want to know more? Read on!

G-BUCKS: The Ultimate Fuel For Web3 Games

Let's face it, navigating wallets, many different coins, and various blockchains can be overwhelming for those not familiar with blockchain technology. By enabling users to use their fiat money to purchase a single universal asset usable across multiple games, we can streamline the experience.

G-BUCKS facilitate the exchange of real assets for in-game purchases. They will be usable across various games, starting with StarHeroes, following the model of popular premium currency systems like V-Bucks in Fortnite or Riot Points in League of Legends.

Moreover, our team is currently enhancing the G-BUCKS purchasing process with a user-friendly interface akin to Uniswap. Future updates will enable direct purchase of G-BUCKS using fiat currency, ensuring a smoother onboarding process for Web2 players.

From a developer's perspective, integrating G-BUCKS is a seamless and uncomplicated process. GameSwift offers developers an SDK that simplifies access to players' G-BUCKS balance and enables the purchase of premium assets if the user decides to do so. This approach offers games the quickest and most straightforward method to incorporate a universal, user-friendly premium currency.

G-BUCKS stand out as a crucial revenue stream for gaming ecosystems. These virtual assets not only generate revenue but also play a vital role in enhancing user engagement by facilitating seamless transactions.

Ultimately, G-BUCKS will be accepted for in-game purchases in all Gameswift-hosted games.

G-BUCKS Utility in StarHeroes

Purchasing G-BUCKS allows you to enhance your gameplay experience in StarHeroes.

What are G-BUCKS used for?

  • Upgrading ship visuals (colorway, engine effects, model type) that significantly impact your leaderboard points.

  • Increasing your chances on the leaderboard by purchasing extra fuel.

  • Increasing your leaderboard points multiplier after each match with time boosts.

  • Speeding up your meta progression by converting G-BUCKS to credits.

G-BUCKS Surprise for GearBox Owners!

Surprise, surprise! Users who purchased GameSwift GearBoxes from the GameSwift Shop are in for a treat. They will receive a complimentary drop of G-BUCKS to use in the StarHeroes game.

While your GearBoxes are en route, gear up and prepare to fuel your StarHeroes adventure. We'll see you in the game!

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