Autonomy for DeFi

The 24-hour trading volume in the largest centralized exchange is almost 10X the trading volume on the largest decentralized exchange on any given day. This is because, despite DeFi’s advantages in composability and censorship-resistance, it has been lacking in the features and user experience offered by centralized alternatives.

As you may have noticed by now, we’ve been hard at work to change this with an on-chain automation protocol that can take DeFi dapps and platforms to their next level of functionality. The Autonomy Network can be used for the implementation of new features, in and outside of DeFi, that are only limited to developer imagination. We’ve built a few examples of what’s possible.

Limit Orders and Stop Losses

First, if you go to you’ll find a tool that lets you do two simple but important operations that change the game for DeFi traders. Limit orders and stop losses have long been the missing serum for degens’ sleeping habits.

Thanks to AutoSwap, these features are now available on top exchanges like BSC’s ApeSwap and Avalanche’s Trader Joe with more integrations coming soon 😉... Some of these protocols have even implemented these automation features directly, enabling degens to sleep tight with CEX-level features on their favorite DEXes.

Automatic Self-Liquidations

Another DeFi feature that’ll help degens keep their hard-earned tokens is automatic self-liquiditations. Essentially, this allows users on a DeFi lending platform to determine at what price they would want to liquidate their position without any liquidation fee from a bot.

For more information on this see our proposal to the Kashi governance forum. Kashi is Sushi’s lending and margin trading platform. A feature like this would make users feel safer about taking out loans and, ultimately, increase the amount of TVL that is entrusted to this and any other DeFi platforms.

With automation, paired with the scalability that keeps coming to the DeFi space in general, these functionalities might unlock a flippening in CEX and DEX volumes by the time of the next DeFi boom. Help us build this out and watch out for more DeFi tools coming soon!

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