Get Ready to Enter the MetaDungeon 🥚

Introducing Player vs. Blockchain and Automated NFTs

An ancient dragon has come to life as an NFT. Hatched by the warm frenzy of speculation, Etheron 🐲 has left his nest to roam the depths of the Ethereum Virtual Machine like an automated beast that swallows prized possessions from the addresses of his foes.

It is rumored that unsuspecting degens who run into him become obsessed with the fire-proof treasures that the dragon guards in his stomach. None have come across a way to slay him by themselves and reclaim The Sword of a Thousand Degens.

Every time Etheron appears, his victims fall prey to a spell of selfish greed and double-cross their fellow bagholders and DAOnizens. They seem unable to band together in order to defeat the beast. After their defeat, he continues randomly onto his next booty.

This might be a challenge for a team of heroes who have seen through Etheron’s spell of disunity. They may even find a way to lure it with the sacrifice of rare NFTs. Once summoned, they’ll be able to ambush the beast and try to stop its infinite loop with the help of certain power-ups…

Will their strategy work?

Join the quest to find out. Sign up for the MetaDungeon mintlist to hire your hero soon. On Mint Day, hundreds of brave holders will form teams of two in their struggle to stop Etheron and reclaim the swallowed treasures. These include:

  • Varying rarities of Gear 🛡
  • Etheron’s stolen tokens and NFTs 💰
  • The Sword of a Thousand Degens 🗡

Find out how to mint your heroes and how to summon and fight the dragon once the egg hatches 🥚.

*MetaDungeon is the first Player versus Blockchain (PvB) game, developed by Autonomy and powered by its automation protocol for conditional smart contract transactions. This twist on the PvE gameplay requires real-time coordination between token holders across different communities to defeat the world’s first Automated NFT (aNFT) boss. Etheron and future MetaDungeon monsters are part of what’s possible with Autonomy’s aNFTs who have a life of their own.

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