Bringing Autonomy to Solana

Automation keeps making its way across chains and Solana is no exception. We’re happy to announce that AutoSwap will now support Raydium, one of the exchanges with the highest TVL in the network. This is the first integration of Autonomy’s capabilities with Solana’s fast-growing ecosystem of DeFi applications.

Thanks to Solana’s scalability, Raydium is able to offer light-speed swaps, yield farms, and liquidity pools. A new set of DeFi features are also available to its users via AutoSwap. Degens on Solana can now use the tool to set up limit orders and stop losses on the popular DEX.

To start swapping Solana tokens at a predetermined price:

  1. Connect your Solana-enabled wallet to AutoSwap.
  2. Choose Raydium as your DEX of choice.
  3. Swap, place a limit order or a stop loss. (Check out our guide on how to do this.)
  4. Sleep tight, Solana degens.

For more information, you can also check out our video tutorial  on how to use AutoSwap to set up your first transactions. These kinds of transactions on DEXes are only possible because they make special use of the Autonomy Network’s capabilities for automation.

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