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In today’s busy schedule, it’s spontaneous to view intriguing, and thought provoking information / hypothesization / stuff. Here are some compiled tweets that are surprisingly informative, controversial, and fun. There are hundreds upon hundreds more of lines of content from #vitalizeone’s many re/sources; on blockchains, and metaverses, not just tweets, feel free to follow brand, and VITALIZE networks anytime, and anywhere to view more, it’s cool content nevertheless. Although visiting is the way go. After all; there are years that ask questions, and there are years that give answers, and cycle vice versa, of cycles again.

On blockchain and then also on X [loading times of this content vary per X GUI ~ simply refresh/wait] Enjoy:

A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh, & realize how blessed you are for what you have.

— (@VitalyVTennant) January 1, 2017

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) September 6, 2022

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 10, 2022

You invested 1 usd fiat in market #crypto, if that amount is currently less than your 1 usd (original #investment) when you withdraw, you’re at a loss. Why would you withdraw? Exchange for other crypto coin(s), and #hodl for profit. Crypto has reached escape velocity. All good.

— (@VitalyVTennant) November 14, 2022

Long term investing in #crypto only, with #stockmarket shares, you’re acting longterm. Why would crypto be any different for longevity of long term investment mindset and action? #Lps, #tvls, #apys, #aprs #pas, #defi are also long term, use #profits only from initial investments.

— (@VitalyVTennant) November 16, 2022

If you’ve created dating profiles you may see many classifications.

2 imperative and important questions to ask for healthy communication/s, and relationship/s.

  1. Do you have any attachments?2) What do you like sexually?#honesty #trust #loyalty mess one up, lose all three.

— (@VitalyVTennant) November 12, 2022

Wouldn’t it be nice to track / monitor somehow, for the educational fun of it, which testicle (testis) and ovary ~ in conjuction from pair to one ~ a birth formulates from? Sperm from right/left male with egg from right/left female.#science #anatomy #human #birth #conception

— VTB |『V』𝚃『B』| news, etc.: (@V_TBot) November 17, 2022

Life Hack: Library Card(s) + Libby App

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 8, 2022

Ambition, and enthusiasm are the greatest forces in the universe, no one cares about degrees, unless you’re continually self-taught, and self-inspired, either with, or without one. Education does not stop when school ends.#winbylearning #education #knowledge #wisdom #experience

— v1c | 🆅①🅲_🆃⓪🆁 (@v1c_vt) November 6, 2022

The thing is, circa 1960s we humans sent out a Golden Record, with hello in multiple languages, our cultures, music, and solar location, and we’re now increasing our communication, and communications, intelligently, understandably, and obviously.

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 5, 2022

What’s surprising are hundreds maybe thousands of meteorites coming into earth, and overall existence, yes our solar system is moving

Like Einstein said along these lines, you can either live as everything is a miracle, or as nothing is a miracle

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 5, 2022

A human has to live about 29 lives of their own life years via averages to enjoy all things earth has to offer, travel, entertainment, etc. It's good to be realistic, as well as imaginative. Experiences cost as much as things. More so, we all have same currency, 24 hours / day.

— VITALIZE (@VitalizeOne) December 30, 2022

Agreed, plus apostle paul never met jesus in person, before being an apostle of jesus he was killing christians, his timeline came about 100 years after jesus, all the rest of the apostles were martyred except for one, john, jesus ~ 12 apostles ~ billions of christians, marketing

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 5, 2022

It’s very difficult, all of it is extremely complex, and super hard, so much unknown, and many more intricacies, and as humans we embrace the unknown because it’s in our nature to explore

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 5, 2022

That was the second question the super computer was asked “why are we here?” (those were the two 2 questions most people seek an answer to at the time) and they valid

My answer, because someone had sex

In any case, self improvement, self help, and self development are relevant

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) September 22, 2022

Yeah, we all want to be surrounded by good teachers, because usually a good teacher has failed more than a student ever will, they are also asked questions they may not know answers to, yet teachers have the capacity to get the answers via resources, contacts, and connections

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 5, 2022

— VTB |『V』𝚃『B』| news, etc.: (@V_TBot) September 11, 2022

With VITALIZE networks, I’ve personally worked on nonhallucinogenic mushrooms such as rishi, with extracts to build health, durability, and adaptability, as well as marine phytoplankton, goji berries, and 250 super fruits, ganoderma extracts, etc. All these things are beneficial

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 6, 2022

When I met vince cerf (him and coworker created internet forward) in person back in 2011 or so, he was already collaborating and setting up tcp/ip around mars, because it takes a while for an image to download, and even worse upload, and these speeds have to increase

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 5, 2022

Leaders are readers

Your point is noted, regarding nongmos, etc. I’m not sure why you have to patronize things, every tweet has been well understood, stubbornness isn’t helping, and patience is a skill, not sure if any more responses are necessary from me

— (@VitalyVTennant) September 14, 2022

Healthwise, and habitwise, @ImpossibleFoods are great, available everywhere mostly, including @RippleFoods milk, and dairy alternatives. Mentioned add more nutrients, for lasting health, remember those born after year 2,000 have an average lifespan of 100. #vitalize #vitalizeone

— VITALIZE (@VitalizeOne) October 2, 2022

Brain is a continuous study, it was even said that the soul attached itself to the brain, of course brain called itself brain, then some people hypothesize that ai is going to become at a level where soul can meet it and go from there, as communication / s continue continuously

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 5, 2022

Just like the missing scrolls from apostle paul, it’s intriguing to read biographies of those who actually wrote the bible, which I have personally done, not only just the bible

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 5, 2022

I like that

The term nirvana can be referred to the exact point when one blows the candle, right where it goes out and not

That’s an informative understanding

There are energies all around, to seek first to understand, then to be understood is relevant

Eschatology begins more

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) September 22, 2022

Epigenetics are environmentalEugenics are supplemental

I didn’t say atmosphere is a vacuum, although I know what you mean

Inaudible doesn’t mean nonmeasureable

There was something else, but forgot

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) September 22, 2022

Loving this info, no wonder the patent expired

Many civilizations before ours, many ancient temples, and wonders of the world remain

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) September 3, 2022

I’m unfamiliar with the topic, although fusion is primary, soon it will be like interoperability of alternating, and direct current

That being said, intelligence is wanting to be co-creators

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 5, 2022

CSC strategizes to your communication to accomplish results only available with your lifetime membership. featured in @BusinessInsider, @YahooFinance, with easy, and simple @CommerceCB merchant integration, or #crypto of your choice. #invest #stake #daos

— (@VitalyVTennant) September 30, 2022

In roman census as Yahshua, hebrew stuff, jesus is one of the most popular names in brazil, like chris in us

Terrestrial planets mercury ~ venus ~ earth ~ mars transition in our solar system

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 5, 2022

That’s only one sector of sleep, aka rem sleep, since we as humans sleep about 25 years of our lives

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 5, 2022

And beyond stuff @VitalizeSpace#astronomy #cosmology #infinity #universe #multiverse #galaxy #multiverses #galaxies #space #nasa #andromeda #cosmos #earth #planets #nebula #planets #seti #nebulas #technology #science #spacetravel #stars #moons #science

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) October 3, 2022

You “let me see if I can find a better response.”

In any case, it isn’t wise for me to scoop to your level of information, and communication.

— VTB |『V』𝚃『B』| news, etc.: (@V_TBot) September 14, 2022

When a super computer (and there are about 3 or 4 in the world) was asked the question that most people want to know “is God real?” it began going through medical records, and then calling everyone who was pronounced clinically dead to ask them the same question

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) September 22, 2022

The first line of the bible which says in god’s image is not appearance, but attitude, behavior, character

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 5, 2022


Helium miners are a good addition to any household, there are already over 1 million of them in people’s homes, and about 250k have come from bobcat brand, although there are a few good ones, some HNT crypto in people’s wallets is good for decentralization, radio/wifi

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) September 3, 2022

A perspective of some:

Become yourself; then god, or the devil will no longer matter

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 5, 2022

Vitalize is your connection with many instances in life. We esteem in giving everyone adaptability, and energy, to enjoy life’s optimism.#vitalize #vitalizeone #vitalizespace #vitalizeenergy #spirituality #metaphysics #smartcommunities #smartcities #software #technologies

— VITALIZE (@theVitalize) May 15, 2022

Our solar system moving through space, and that’s how it is

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 5, 2022

God first, people over profits is the motto

Time and space are but the physiological colors which the eye makes… but the soul is light

Those wise ones who see that the consciousness within them is the same consciousness within all beings, attain peace.

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 5, 2022

The sign of an advanced civilization lies in its ability to conceal volumes of information in the shortest amount of space.

— v1c | 🆅①🅲_🆃⓪🆁 (@v1c_vt) November 5, 2022

We can all assume that energy is everything, but then we wouldn’t progress, and nothing is more contagious than enthusiasm

Attitude, behavior, character is always in the state of evolving as more interactions are made, growing through life, not going through life

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 5, 2022

The 4D Schrodinger equation of Quantum Gravity explains Gravity as the flow of spacetime in much the same way as heat flows due to a thermal gradient

— Nexus Graviton (@marongwe_stuart) December 30, 2022


Intuition then would be affiliated with hertz more so, since instinct is more physical, as you’ve mentioned blood flow, that functions with magnetism

I wouldn’t say it’s entirely incorrect

Also color green would fit well in more of these images

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 5, 2022

Real nice, impactful info. Ty.

In regards to cycles, one can interpret by self awareness of receiving energies, frequencies, and vibrations to having the initiative to live a desired life of choice via adaptability of environments, and ecosystems by having optimistic synonyms

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 5, 2022

Healthy debates are always welcome. It’s thanks to individuals like Luther Burbank that we have over 500 vegetables, and fruits, of many varieties. Not all GMOs are bad, infact they are needed for Earth’s growing population. Also black tomatoes would be cool, but these are purple

— VTB |『V』𝚃『B』| news, etc.: (@V_TBot) September 12, 2022

People in US can’t complain much, sleep = 8 hrs, work = 8 hrs, what do people do with the rest of their 8 hrs/day? Breaks, days off, and vacation times, not mentioned. Almost “everything” is made in China because their workforce/ethic is 9am to 9pm Mon.-Sat. Finding equilibrium.

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) December 15, 2022

Since we as humans control rovers from earth, everything in these terms is speculative, some has been put to practice. I’m responsible for what I say, not for what others understand, hypothesization is good.

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) September 10, 2022

We already spoke on freedom, education of knowledge of vices is how one gets to wisdom

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 4, 2022

The reason for 50% divorce rates/failures is because people think it’s 50/50, in reality it’s 100|100. Think in terms of 2 parallel lines headed in the same direction, if 1 of the parallel lines is off by an inch, in years time it’ll be off by miles. Accomplish goals together.

— (@VitalyVTennant) December 5, 2022

This is achieved by increasing density, and it’s an ongoing question when it will be reached, in lifetimes ahead. Also, it can already be done, and put into practice, not walking around without names, being unsorted, or anything of that nature, but with increased densities

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 4, 2022

— VTB |『V』𝚃『B』| news, etc.: (@V_TBot) September 15, 2022

A real boss has no boss 🙂 😉 :] ;] :~)

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 4, 2022

Fun fact: there are over 7,200 languages on earth, and about 6,300 of them are spoken by around 1,000 people each

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 4, 2022

To see #crypto surpass 5 Trillion usd, many investors thought that it could have happened by now. Currently US Stock Market is valued at approx. 100 Trillion. Crypto is a still growing, and within the past 1.5 years we’ve seen it go above $3.5 T. #blockchains #defi #daos #fintech

— (@VitalyVTennant) June 18, 2022

Instinct stems from reptilian brain

Intuition is more human

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 4, 2022

I only believe in good attitude, behavior, and character. With alignment, balance, and calibration. Adaptability being an important factor of/for/by optimism.

— VTB |『V』𝚃『B』| news, etc.: (@V_TBot) December 3, 2022

Agreed, just because dna doesn’t align with one doesn’t make one incorrect, it’s per alignment, balance, and calibration, of attitude, behavior, and character. By having adaptability of apex, pinnacle, top, vertex, and zenith

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 4, 2022

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) September 24, 2022

In a room filled with wherewithal (pertaining to moneys), the individual with education, knowledge, and wisdom always wins.

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 4, 2022

Because sorting is important. And that’s the finality continuation per our civilization, as understood for now.

Then awareness, and enlightenment is reached then self becomes in tune with more selfs that we interact with, and sorting, and names can become obsolete, theoretically

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 4, 2022

People’s names are their parent’s choice

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 4, 2022

— VTB |『V』𝚃『B』| news, etc.: (@V_TBot) November 4, 2022

some people nevertheless

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) September 3, 2022

The Man Who Fed The World, Norman Borlaug, is not a myth. A good read as mentioned originally. Norman Borlaug dedicated his entire life to the betterment of human life, with a kind heart. And unintelligent individuals twist it for attention, because they can’t handle evolution.

— VTB |『V』𝚃『B』| news, etc.: (@V_TBot) September 13, 2022

Applying symmetry over Time, resolves gravity as the transversal curvature of dilation friction, fluid dynamics applies, dynamics/symmetrys exist at all scales.

The same passive transversal curvature we see at the banks of a stream clear the flotsam in the flow.

— Roy (@roydherbert) December 30, 2022

Agreed, some people are known to pay millions just to learn from a couple to a few minutes of information, including contacts, and connections

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 4, 2022

Don’t crossover tweets, and stop trying to get noticed with your unintelligence on my Pinned tweet.

What is wrong with you? Move along.

— VTB |『V』𝚃『B』| news, etc.: (@V_TBot) September 15, 2022

Education always comes before freedom, therefore it’s either or, depending on many factors, and to that extent freedom isn’t free

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 4, 2022

Shift away from “adversaries” to focus on optimistic communications. More than enough evidence to cultivate continuous harmony, and progress. @DeptofDefense @RepAdamSchiff @DrStevenGreer @USD_IntelSec @RepAndreCarson @RepRickCrawford @VitalyVTennant #uap

— VTB |『V』𝚃『B』| news, etc.: (@V_TBot) May 17, 2022

I’m familiar with your type of character, in fact, after Mars Moxie video was posted, Flat Earth began their nonsense on VTB (see photo).We will just end this conversation here and now:

Hypothesization is good. Embrace the unknown, intelligently.

— VTB |『V』𝚃『B』| news, etc.: (@V_TBot) September 14, 2022

One must own their own death, humanwise, whether of old age, or a push of a button.

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 4, 2022

Agreed, the topic of hertz is intriguing, energy, frequency, and vibration. Everyone should incorporate it. Simple LUCK formula, Level Up Correct Knowledge.Loving the insights via your communications

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) June 3, 2022

Agreed, freedom comes with responsibilities, and consequences.

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 4, 2022

Healthy debates are welcome. Although we have to disagree, online storage is useful, also environmentally healthy, in fact, huge data servers, like the ones from Walmart are in space, otherwise they would over heat the environment, cloud storage is more important than ever

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) July 24, 2022

Agreed, yet refunds do not equate freedom, or time. Therefore, own / self time is free preexisting from freewill

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) November 4, 2022

People can own their own miners, get crypto in HNT for their usage of it, it pays for itself, opens up airspace for further utilization of freedomfi

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) September 3, 2022

Napoleon Hill worked with numerous individuals who have built the world we know today, including Andrew Carnegie, who was the richest man in the world after selling Carnegie Steel to JP Morgan, that said, Organo is a nongmo company, gibberish doesn’t fit.

— (@VitalyVTennant) September 14, 2022

Both awards, Organo Gold, and Valentus have come from accredited companies, one has an exclusive partnership with @NapoleonHillFdn, the only company ever partnered with @OrganoGold, I worked over a decade to receive those awards, in health and wellness

— (@VitalyVTennant) September 14, 2022

#v1ct0r art from some time ago#art #arts #nft #nfts #artists #painting #collage #evolution #nftabstract #nftart #nftartcollectors #nftartfinance #nftarts #paintings #nftcollectibles #metaverse #nftbridges #nftatrist #uniqueness #specialty #rarity #vitalizeone #digital #ai #vr

— (@VitalyVTennant) November 1, 2022

Agreed, in my 20s I was around people in their 60s starting businesses, which propelled my intuition on #entrepreneurship. It has nothing to do with anything other than ambition, and of course factors, where working for a cause is much greater than working for applause

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) October 13, 2022

Agreed, feasibility, funding, investors etc., many people are exploring all these avenues I would imagine, scalar waves, tesla being a legend, and ley lines, all this stuff is mapped out to an extent, it’s the initiative in getting it accomplished

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) September 3, 2022

why is the sky blue? why is the grass green? why is the sunrise/set red? why are things going bad? why are things going well? because god is … or because life is … is how some answer, that’s why we have spiritualities, techologies, sciences, philosophies, arts, etc.

— (@VitalyVTennant) September 24, 2022

Wild how far things have come along. In any case, I just put together see about page of brand, I appreciate everyone for their work.

— (@VitalyVTennant) October 18, 2022

Having more exchanges is good, also 17k+ coins aren’t that many, considering there are over 20k new companies that come out daily on stock market, each sports team will have a coin, etc., there are many good auditing crypto companies, and they should be utilized for safety, etc.

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) July 22, 2022

At death, human bodies lose about 1 to 2 lbs, mass. Where does it go, energy wiseDensities are currently at 1-1.98 that humans can reach, unless diet(s) (liveable(s) sounds better because die isn’t in the word) is/are enhanced, or changed, there are humans with higher densities

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) September 22, 2022

It’s like when you go buy crypto with a credit card for example, some cc companies deny the transactions as gambling, although many would disagree, similarly with NFTs, although it all changes when you buy a stable coin (USDT, USDC, etc.)… education is important, it’s investing

— VITALIZE (@VitalizeOne) September 15, 2022

— VTB |『V』𝚃『B』| news, etc.: (@V_TBot) June 2, 2022

Light is soundSound cannot propagate in a vacuum per seSpeed of light does what in terms of sphere of light since it’s in a vacuumAtmosphere (gases) can either be in space or out of space

There are many scalar waves, emotional, causal, mental, etc.Then scalar wave energy

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) September 22, 2022

Right on, cells can reproduce, and can replace at faster rates

Some people have even restrucred their DNA, although that can be done with supplements

There are a few good binaural, gamma, and/or radio frequencies that people can listen to, synctuition mindspa app, and similar

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) September 22, 2022

You can count the number of seeds in an apple, but you can’t count the number of apples in a seed.#education #knowledge #wisdom #believes #systems #beliefsystems #experiences #encompass #thoughtfulness #subconsciousness #consciousness #sciences #software #technologies #future

— v1c | 🆅①🅲_🆃⓪🆁 (@v1c_vt) July 13, 2022

#robotics #statistics #robots #artificalintelligence #bots #ai #statzon #machinelearning #deeplearning #ml #global #technologies #tech #digitaltransformation #futurework #engineering #gadgets #innovation #datascience #cybersecurity #cybernetics #iot #innovation #nlp #logistics

— VTB |『V』𝚃『B』| news, etc.: (@V_TBot) July 16, 2022

If space is invented, then we can say everything is invented, big bang theory can of course be argued with quantum theory, and then we are back at the source of inventions

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) June 3, 2022

When it comes to airlines, their speed hasn’t changed (same speed for decades) since the inception, there have only been but a handful of supersonic flights, industry does need an upgrade, the travel times have not changed, from country to country, state to state, demographically

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) July 15, 2022

Calibration is a moving tile

Some wonder how the pyramids were built, possibly, when the sand is wet enough, some of the heaviest objects / stones can be moved via it, pulled by elephants, horses, etc.

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) September 3, 2022


Agreeing cont., marine phytoplankton is possibly one of the top sources of oxygen, I believe may have been confirmed by nasa, about 95% of all oxygen comes from it

Got it, and they do live indefinitely, although, immortal ≠ indestructible

Green energy has to increase

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) September 3, 2022

Agreed, it’s a good idea to be monitored healthwise, smart cities are notating it, there are sensors, and checkups, that are uploaded on the cloud, people can live organic, if they want, there are choices, yet data has to be noted, otherwise everyone is assuming, data is needed

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) September 22, 2022

Importantly, we should always conserve nature, for it is resourceful. Going below 25% would be unbeneficial. Improve tech, and science to correlate. @nature_org #vitalizeone

— VTB |『V』𝚃『B』| news, etc.: (@V_TBot) September 13, 2022

Adaptability is important, change is the only constant, it’s acceptable to be cautious, and notate the health impact, like video games warning show “if you experience seizures, or nose bleeds, see your physician” save your game progress of course, that aside, its a 4min mile

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) September 22, 2022

Intriguing to know, because ears have billions (I want to say trillions) of hairs, and when humans get tinnitus, it’s most likely that one/some of those hairs crossed, whether it’s vibration of sounds, or loud music, etc. Then certain sounds/vibrations can heal that as well

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) September 22, 2022

Many things give off radio waves these days

About 78% of all dust is human skin

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) September 22, 2022

They certainly do, that’s why Luther Burbank was mentioned. Owners of supplements would have to disagree. For many reasons. See pesticides used. Incorrect, there is an abundance of resources, as there are seeds. A good read: The Man Who Fed The World, Norman Borlaug.

— VTB |『V』𝚃『B』| news, etc.: (@V_TBot) September 13, 2022

— VITALIZE (@theVitalize) August 29, 2022

Speaking of words ~

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) September 22, 2022

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) September 22, 2022

A professional, and simple way to conduct business. Video is one of the most personable, and user friendly ways to meet online. #entrepreneurs #scheduling #calendars #crm #productivity #timing #communication #communications #vitalizeone #entrepreneurship #business #work #ai #vr

— (@VitalyVTennant) September 20, 2022

— Entrepreneur_cm (@entrepreneur_cm) September 3, 2022

Safest is to hold, and/or hodl. While we can all remember for reassurance when Bitcoin was only 10 cents, to where it is now. Some bear markets can last as long as 500 -/+ days, although those have been historic rare occurrences notated from the stock market.#nfa #opportunity

— (@VitalyVTennant) June 14, 2022

Wealth is like a magnifying glass / microscope, mindsetwise, if you’re a good human, then you become a better human, if you’re a bad human, you become worse. Vitalize products remedy this, see #vitalizeone @instagram _________ (fill in the blank)

— VITALIZE (@VitalizeOne) July 4, 2022

That’s odd I don’t even know what tomorrow will bring 🌄🌌🏙🏞🆒️

All life comes from life

The dream is free, the work is sold separately

— (@VitalyVTennant) September 10, 2022

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