Hi, my name is Yogev and I’m looking to raise 6 ETH for the production, release, and promotion of my new 5-track EP ‘Lowkey Gang’ coming in 2023. All 5 tracks will be dropped as limited edition NFTs prior to the release on digital streaming platforms. All 5 drops will be open for 24 hours divided into 2 12-hour windows.



My name is Sebastian and I go by the name of Yogev as a music producer and DJ. I’m based in Colombia and I’ve been making music since I was 4, when I joined the “Sinfónica Juvenil de Colombia”. Even though I was part of the Colombian youth symphonic from an early age, I really got my start in the music industry by forming a hardcore band called ‘Drunk Dog’ at the age of 14, with which I toured all around Colombia, recorded an EP, an Album and released merch.

I launched the Yogev project 2 years ago after producing for top Latin artists and ghost-producing for global dance names. The project was based on the philosophy of 'We Dream. We Render. We Connect', which led to the creation of our community, the Lowkey Gang. Since then, I've released over 21 singles including my remix of ‘My Beautiful Mistake’ which was named one of the best productions in Colombia in the first quarter of 2022. Additionally, I participated in the 'Pepas DJ Battle Miami' hosted by Farruko, Carbon Fiber Music, and Sony Music Latin, and had the opportunity to work with amazing artists like Zashanell, Ryan Roy, Leeb, and Sonyk el Dragon.

Here’s my vision: To develop a system in which our dreams are rendered, but that has no purpose if it’s not shared with others, if we don’t connect. This is the vision of the Lowkey Gang, a project with and for its people.


I’m looking to raise 6 ETH for the production, release, and promotion of my new 5-track EP ‘Lowkey Gang’. The EP will feature a total of 5 singles reflecting our philosophy. Every single will be released individually as a limited edition NFT before coming out on all DSPs.

Every backer of the ‘We D.R.C Crowdfund’ will be granted allowlist for all 5 drops. That's a lot of addresses, I know, so what about supply, you ask?

Every drop will be open for 24 hours divided into 2 12-hour windows. Drops will be announced via Twitter and Telegram only hours before they happen.

  • The first window will be open for backers only. This window will allow them to mint at discounted prices or even for free, who knows.

  • The second window will be public sale and open to everybody.

All 5 drops will be open edition but limited to the amount minted in the 24-hour period. So you guys call the shots on the supply.

Additionally, all backers will have access to token-gated experiences like BTS videos, livestreams, and a POAP as a thank-you badge. But that's not all, much more utility coming later. I even heard about a 6th secret track for everyone that collects all 5.

Some people say this is the beginning of the Lowkey Universe 🤫🔑


  • Production & Artist Fees: $1200

  • Mixing & Mastering: $900

  • Marketing & Promotion: $3000

  • Visuals & Design: $1300

  • NFT 3D Renders: $600


The journey of the Lowkey Gang has just begun, and our new EP is the starting point. We will continue to grow and develop our vision, using this EP as a building block. The web3 landscape is quickly evolving, and being adaptable with a true desire to learn and grow, will always enable us to bring you the absolute best. Building is a collaborative effort, and I am excited to have you join me on this journey. There is no one I would rather build with than you. Together, we can create something truly great.

Welcome to the Lowkey Gang!
With love,

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