The beginning - EPF #1


I am super excited to share that I will be participating in the Ethereum Protocol Fellowship (EPF). This blog is my first update for the fellowship.

What will I work on?

We are moving closer towards the finalisation of EIP-4337. A lot of effort by the core team has been put into designing the contracts, mempool, DOS protections etc. But the team haven't had time to properly support UserOps through one of the browser extension wallets.

In this cohort, I intend to work on making a user-facing wallet which can then pave the way forward for the wallets in the Ethereum ecosystem. The larger goal is to test the eip enough and make it ready for everyday use. Once we get AAs into everyday use we can then easily work towards the depreciation of EOAs from the ecosystem.


  1. Read EIP-4337

  2. Won a hackathon by building a project on 4337

  3. Created a repo to showcase the latest Account Abstraction SDK and how anyone can create their own SCW

  4. Wrote the onboarding journey of an AA user on a chrome extension wallet

  5. Finalised the feature list of the chrome extension wallet

Next Steps

  1. Front-end architecture

  2. Front-end UI finalisation

  3. Bundler that will be used

  4. Request ID explorer

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