It’s all in the Inference: Biττensor x giga

For the generations after us.

At giga, we focus on what we call ‘web+’ projects, for the ones that don’t quite conform to standard categorisations.

They seem to have an outsized, normally asymmetric potential, relative to what is happening in the industry. These initiatives tend to focus on transformative visions and solutions, that incidentally use cryptographic-based tech.

Coming across Biττensor, it’s easy to get caught up in the ‘AI x Blockchain’ buzzwords flying around in the narrative at the moment. Almost making it slightly cringe when placed together, therefore placing the project in said ‘Buzzword Basket’ of un-seriousness.

That is however to be forgetting the years in the making and visionary core contributors that helped put it together and bring Biττensor to where it is today. It is to completely skim over the gigantic mission that is only now coming into question.

Biττensor is not a buzzword grift.

They’re making a stand.

In crypto, we talk a lot about forks, yet we only think of them mostly on the technical level. Currently, we are facing a fork that we must take in terms of who we allow to build, own and use artificial intelligence.

This is a fork in humanity. A path through a certain decision tree that could drastically alter the future for good or bad.

This will be a combination of solving for the software, hardware and economic layers that we need to solve for now.

This isn’t something that can wait, it has to happen now.

The solution? As cliché as they come.

To decentralise the Intelligence market and its participation, to democratise access to it.

Yes, we really did just write that.

Why Biττensor?

If you don’t know what Biττensor does, please consider checking out their whitepaper and website, or review the community commentary for alternative digestion.

Ultimately, its an incentivized intelligence market protocol for the permissionless creation and consumption of new commodities.

The network of inferences is visualised.
The network of inferences is visualised.

Think of current AI tools and models that are popular with the masses, consider the following.

It is arguably an extremely bad idea if:

  1. There isn’t a free market to fight against oligopolies and the amount of resources currently needed to train and run intelligence.

  2. All of your sensitive data, chats and more, go into a black hole in a centralised company.

  3. Many businesses are building on top of said service, proliferating dependence and data acquisition to those services.

  4. Intelligence gatekeepers and profit margins are attached to allowing the use of said data.

  5. All consumer focus goes into super generalised models.

Therefore we need to:

  1. Create a secure and free market for intelligence to be funded, to be traded.

  2. Create a structure whereby any intelligence creator can contribute.

  3. Make the inference economy transparent and auditable.

  4. Allow users and businesses to store and use their data how they see fit.

  5. Incentivise niche types of intelligence focussing on specific tasks.

This is the ‘fork’ in the road, whereby we can choose the neural stack powering the future. This is what Biττensor has created and is fighting for.

Think of it like the communal brain.

Further, Biττensor is a Leaderless protocol that roadmap’s itself and has been on its way to transitioning to become fully decentralised away from central party risk. This is important, we wouldn’t be joining the protocol otherwise. This is the only way to ensure neural neutrality over the long run and the only way to act as a sovereign network away from prying interests.

There are lots of other ‘why’s’ we could regurgitate, however, this isn’t a due diligence nor analysis piece. If you’re reading this, you’re likely already in the community and understanding what’s going on.

Ultimately, Biττensor is taking the first stand against the corpos, we’re here to fight that battle.

giga x Biττensor

Biττensor is underrated.

People just don’t know about it.

It’s at the start of the start, of the early adoption curve.

We’re going to change that.

We’re creating a validator on Biττensor and will be using generated APY to fund the execution-based work that furthers the adoption of Biττensor and educates new markets about its abilities and potential use cases.

We believe that now is the time to get involved, as the technology is ready for the growth stage and ‘as is’ is applicable to many use cases in the current AI landscape for consumers.

Who are we and what will we do?

giga is a boutique marketing firm for ridiculously fucking disruptive technology. You can find out more about us here:

Our approach can be found in our thesis, here are some excerpts:

We believe in transcending one-industry meta in order to access growth. This comes from composability and offering real value to other builders who are able to have real businesses built on top.
We believe in transcending one-industry meta in order to access growth. This comes from composability and offering real value to other builders who are able to have real businesses built on top.

We don’t care how many Twitter followers there are, how many people are talking in Discord, or whatever random, arbitrary numbers marketing teams in web3 seem to sell, these days.

All that matter is:

The Biττensor community is hyper-unique, unlike many other communities we’ve analysed before. It’s a community of true early adopters who fundamentally understand the paradigm shift that is coming.

So how do we scale this?

Here are some excerpts from the short-strategy deck we made presented to community leaders. Please feel free to email us/DM us and we will send you the whole deck.

As Shopify is to eCommerce merchants, we want to be to intelligence merchants and creators.

That’s it, that’s the plan.

What do we want to achieve?

The network is a marketplace and abstractly can be treated as such. Therefore we can look at its participants on the demand and supply side, break them down, and consider the highest priorities.

As in the above, we believe the highest impact will be encouraging builders & contributors to:

  1. Build for-profit tailored AI solutions built on top of Biττensor

  2. Launch new types of intelligence in the ecosystem.

We're focussing on the early, early adopter curve. Tackling micro-adjacent communities and others, encouraging early builders to go out and acquire consumers for their intelligence and its packaging.
We're focussing on the early, early adopter curve. Tackling micro-adjacent communities and others, encouraging early builders to go out and acquire consumers for their intelligence and its packaging.

In summary:

We’ll try to wear as many hats and fill as many gaps as possible. From marketing literature and assets to full-blown campaigns, to real-life events and TAO-dedicated hackathons.

If we see value, we’ll take it.

How you can support the marketing of TAO:

Delegate to us!

From sponsors and the foundation, we have a great basis to start, with 15,000 delegated to us. We will deploy more resources directly into marketing activities and talent as we grow!

You can delegate to us at:

  • Hotkey: 5ED6jwDECEmNvSp98R2qyEUPHDv9pi14E6n3TS8CicD6YfhL

  • UID (Subnet1): 226

This can either be done via the command line, or

We also anticipate being on very shortly, for an easier user experience of delegation (Thank you Taostats!).

Message us on Twitter if you:

  • Have ideas you want to be implemented

  • Have obvious things you wish were happening, that aren’t

  • Want to help coordinate and evangelise the protocol

  • Are building an AI product on top of a language or visual LLM and are curious about the benefits and tradeoffs of using Bittensor

Join us in implementation:

Creative and already producing interesting videos, informational or other assets? Let’s collab!

A big thanks to:

Be rewarded:

Early delegators and contributors who help in our community sourcing will receive bonuses and perks from giga above and beyond validation APY, which can be redeemed both irl and online.

A big thank you to:

Timo <3




and others from the community for the support thus far.

T͎̬͚̳̏̎̏̌̐Ȟ͍͔͇ͪ̏ͣ͂ͅE̙̥͇̙ ̺ͥ͂ͪF͖̞̩̱͔̎͌Uͮ̇̂ͮ͛TͦUͬ̿́̈́R͓̟̚Eͭ̄̎ ͈̪̯̖͉̽̅͊I͍̟͖͇̖͒͐͑S̩̲̦͕ ̗̲ͬͬ̆Ṯ̌A͚̥̣̱ͅO̙̺͓̬̯̍͐̈́

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