Raises $1.2M to Build the Meaningful Interaction Layer for Web3

NFTs and Web3 have seen tremendous growth in the last year. With roughly $8 billion dollars in quarterly trading volume, NFTs have blossomed into a rich ecosystem of exciting projects, with recent notable drops such as the out-of-nowhere Moonbirds and crazy Goblintowns.

While NFTs are currently dominated by pfp (Profile Picture) type projects and visual art, we foresee them diversifying into other types of ownable digital assets. Audio and music NFTs have already started garnering traction, metaverses and video games have in-game NFT assets, and event attendance can be verified with POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocol). Eventually, tickets, souvenirs, videos, books, and any digitally ownable asset will become tokenized.

However, there’s currently no platform for meaningfully interacting with our digital assets. At, we’re building this layer for meaningful interaction, where people can display, share, transact and manage not just their NFTs, but digital assets from all across the Web3 ecosystem, serving as their Web3 homepage.

To build towards this future, we’ve raised $1.2M from incredible Web3 visionaries and investors. Joining us on our mission, we have Opensea Ventures, Folius, Zee Prime, Mask, Xiaohongshu, Formless, DWeb3, Token Bay Capital, Big Brain, Vibe Capital, as well as strategic angel participation from Patricio (founder of POAP), Charles (founder of Nifty Island), Vijay (founder of Bitscrunch), Evan Thorpe (630 Ventures) and Dan Bertoli (Quona), and Jack Sun (Steel Perlot).

In the coming months we’ll be continuing to iterate on our core product, establishing key partnerships with NFT communities, and expanding our feature set.


Lastly, we’re expanding our team, and looking to bring on amazing builders who share our vision for NFTs and Web3. If this sounds like you, check out our open positions!

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