The Spaceship: The Stryke Vault Launch Event

Welcome to the Spaceship!

Celebrating the release of the new LPDfi vault on Stryke (Formerly Dopex), we are hosting an exclusive launch event named "The Spaceship". We’re rewarding the campaign participants with up to 37,500 ARB based on TVL!

Important update with the vault migration:

Your score, as accumulated in the old vault, will be inherited by the new vault, where you can continue to earn a score.

To ensure fairness, score accumulation in the new vault will begin one day after its launch.

Please note: Score accumulation for the old vault will cease upon the launch of the new vault. Ensure you migrate your liquidity to the new vault before it starts accruing scores.

What is The Spaceship?

The Spaceship unfolds over a thrilling 4-week period, commencing with the launch of the Stryke Vault. Users will be ranked based on their deposits and time into the Stryke Vault, intensifying the competition on our leaderboard. Brace yourselves for substantial prizes, with the potential to soar up to 37,500 ARB!

The event overview

  • Duration: 4 weeks since the Stryke Vault launch

  • Top 50 Depositors: Share 25,000 ARB equally (500ARB per top depositor)

  • TVL Requirement: Rewards unlock when the Stryke Vault TVL reaches $2 million at the end of the campaign

  • Additional Reward: If TVL surpasses $3 million at the end of the campaign, all participants share an extra 12,500 ARB proportionally to their deposit

Please note: The spaceship campaign period is extended by 2 weeks until 10 April 2024 20:00.

The catch? These rewards unlock only when the total TVL in the Stryke Vault reaches $2M!

Participants will compete to earn deposit scores, calculated as the product of the vault share and deposit time. The top 50 depositors will collectively share a prize pool of 25,000 ARB, evenly distributed among them. Our real-time leaderboard tracks the leading depositors, providing instant updates on your standing against others. Brace yourself for an intense competition as participants vie for the top spots on the leaderboard over the next four weeks!

Furthermore, the reward structure extends beyond individual prizes. If total deposits into the Stryke vault surpass 3 million, all depositors will collectively share an additional 12,500 ARB in rewards. This mechanism ensures that the more substantial the individual deposit, the greater the share of the overall prize pool. In addition to the competitive aspect of vying for top positions on the leaderboard and individual ARB rewards, this supplementary incentive fosters collaboration among users to collectively surpass the 3 million thresholds, enhancing the rewards for all participants.

$ARB Rewards

Orange Finance is managed by the DeFi team overseeing the DeFi insurance protocol known as InsureDAO.

The rewards for this campaign stem from the $ARB DAO airdrop

While operating both DeFi protocols, there are plans to migrate $INSURE (InsureDAO’s governance token) to the forthcoming Orange governance token.

To maximize value for tokenholders and enhance the ecosystem, we have chosen to deploy the received $ARB grant within the Orange ecosystem rather than utilizing it in the InsureDAO ecosystem.

About Orange Finance

Orange Finance is an automated liquidity management protocol at the forefront of LPDfi innovation in the DeFi space. Our mission is to simplify liquidity provision and enhance profitability within LPDfi protocols. We're actively developing liquidity management vaults on top of LPDfi protocols, making LPDfi more accessible and user-friendly. Orange Finance stands as a pivotal gate connecting users and LPDfi protocols, contributing to the growth and stability of DeFi liquidity.

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