Orange Finance updates, Nov 2023

Today, we are updating you on the latest developments at Orange Finance in our November 2023 monthly report.

This communication aims to provide you with insightful updates on our ongoing activities and to serve as a detailed summary of our significant news and recent milestones.

Product and Technology:


  • Ongoing development of the Dopexv2 vault.

  • Ongoing development of the factory model for Merkl integration.

  • Ongoing development of new UI/UX.


  • Backtesting for routing strategy for our upcoming vault

Marketing and Business Development:

  • Orange announces a partnership with InfinityPools
  • Orange started the #WeeklyLPDfiNews series.
  • Orange announces a partnership with Limitless

Stats as of December 4th:


  • Camelot DN USDC.e-WETH Vault: $115.62k

  • Camelot DN USDC-WETH Vault: $18.66k

  • Camelot DN WETH-ARB Vault: 0.08ETH

  • Camelot DN WETH-USDC.e Vault: 0.01ETH

  • Camelot DN USDC-USDC.e Vault: $8.35k

  • Camelot DN WETH-WBTC Vault: 0.01ETH

  • Unique Users: 134

Social Media

  • Twitter: 2,602

  • Discord: 1,424

About Orange Finance

Orange Finance offers advanced liquidity management on Arbitrum, specifically designed for concentrated liquidity DEXes. Through statistical modeling and delta hedging, we enhance v3 AMM capital efficiency against asset price fluctuations.

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