An Article to Know MomoAI Public Sale

Dear MomoAI friends,

Looking back at the MomoAI WL round sale, although the congestion and delays in payment methods happened as we anticipated, these challenges didn't prevent you from becoming holders of MomoAI Nodes. Once again, you've shown us your genuine enthusiasm and eagerness!

Meanwhile, a large number of users also expressed their wish to own MomoAI Nodes through various channels after the WL round was sold out.

Therefore, the MomoAI Nodes public sale will proceed as scheduled at 7:00(UTC) on April 18th!

First of all, we believe that you, our users, have seen the post we tweeted, knew that we would launch a new type of node, Lucky node, on our public sale.

About Lucky Node

The reason why we will launch it is to consider that fresh new users are streaming in MomoAI. For new users, they prefer to watch and experience. So products that are affordable, but have unlimited possibilities in terms of interests, we think are more suitable for these new users.

This can also ensure that all the holder interests of the current Base Node, Eco Node, and AI-agent Node are not weakened, and it can also better protect the long-term accumulation and harvest of those early users who joined MomoAI.

For Lucky Node, we hope that it can bring good luck to all buyers, so the core exclusive privilege of Lucky Node holders is that you can draw Base Node, Eco Node, and AI-agent Node on the Lucky Node page for 7 consecutive days.

If you draw one of the above nodes successfully, your Lucky Node will be upgraded to corresponding node you drew and enjoy its privilege!

If you don't draw any nodes of Base Node, Eco Node, and AI-agent Node, the in-game interests will be lasted untill TGE.

  • The inventory doubled

  • Claim Momo props bucket daily before TGE

If you buy more than one Lucky Node, all drawing privileges and in-game benefits can be stacked.

For example, if you buy two Lucky Nodes, you can receive two Momo props bucket per day. And you can draw twice a day until you draw the three official nodes.

Good luck to you all!!

Additionally, MomoAI reminds everyone that on April 18th, the MomoAI Nodes public sale includes four types of nodes within the MomoAI ecosystem: Base Node, Eco Node, AI-agent Node, and Lucky Node.

For Base Node, Eco Node, AI-agent Node, their peivilege and interests are the same as before, but we will restore the original price:

  • Base Node: 1.5sol

  • Eco Node: 3sol

  • AI-agent Node:10sol

Finally, we welcome all users to unlock more interesting harvest experiences in MomoAI through MomoAI Nodes, get more airdrop returns, and achieve win-win results with MomoAI.

Your support and construction will become the eternal driving force for MomoAI, guiding us to overcome all difficulties and make MomoAI the hottest AI+ game star!

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