Introducing TokenBird - A way to sell your NFTs on your own website

After working as a web agency for a few different NFT projects, we realised that there is huge untapped potential in the NFT ecosystem. It seems as if NFT projects don't recognise the enormous value of building engaging website solutions for their NFT collections, as opposed to sending all collectors to the large marketplaces.

NFTs and Web3 have created the foundation required for a decentralised ecosystem with strong communities. This made us set out on a journey to build TokenBird.

TokenBird Market

TokenBird Market is a widget that projects can add to their existing website to sell NFTs. It will provide a view over the collection, prices across marketplaces, along with an activity feed. As no NFT collection are the same, the market will be tailored to the individual collections’ needs.

Screenshot showing the marketplace integrated on
Screenshot showing the marketplace integrated on

Build brand, community, and be unique

You wouldn't build a high quality retail brand and only sell your stuff on eBay.

Think of OpenSea and Rarible like eBay and Amazon. Anyone can get started on these platforms, and sell products to a broad, open market. On the other hand, high quality brands build their stores on their own websites (or have million dollar deals with retailers).

We believe in a future where high quality NFT collections sell on their small corner of the internet. This allows collections to increase traffic to their website, build community features, and have more control over market activity.

Combining all marketplaces into one

The beauty of NFTs is that they can be sold on any platform. However, if collectors decide to list NFTs on several different marketplaces, the experience of buying becomes confusing and fragmented. Some collections (like Rude Boy's), have many independent listings on both OpenSea and Rarible. People regularly end up buying an NFT on one platform when it was listed cheaper on the other. Also, new marketplaces such as Coinbase NFT will launch in the future, potentially fragmenting the ecosystem even more.

The solution to these problems is to bring all marketplaces into the collection's website. By aggregating listings from different places we give the community the experience they deserve. It allows collectors to make informed decisions while still enabling people to use the platforms they already like.

Some NFTs have differing prices on different marketplaces.
Some NFTs have differing prices on different marketplaces.

Prevent Scammers and Impersonators

Fake collections are a problem that plagues NFT marketplaces. Sometimes the fake collection even comes up before the real one in search results. Each time a collection sends people to OpenSea to purchase NFTs, they run a risk of the customer stumbling upon the fake collection and getting scammed. People that are new to the NFT space run the highest risk of such scams, and might end up giving up on the space when trying to get into it.

Launching TokenBird to 5 exclusive collections

To get access to the TokenBird Marketplace you will need to buy our Early Bird NFT. There will be 5 Early Bird spots in the form of NFTs that are minted on our website. The token provides the right to an advanced TokenBird marketplace on your website which is tailored to your collection's needs. We will do all we can to help our first exclusive collections succeed.


TokenBird helps NFT collections to create markets on their websites. We combine data from all marketplaces where your NFTs are listed, streamlining the NFT buying process for the customer. We empower creators to customize their collection view, and give the community a helpful and engaging tool to make informed buying decisions. TokenBird early access is limited to 5 spots that can be acquired through NFTs minted on our website.

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