DEX|Weekly Brief 6.3 - 6.9(EN)
June 10th, 2022

Part 1. DEX Updates

— Key Takeaways —

💡 DODO now supports Brave Wallet.

💡 1inch integrated Balancer Liquidity and updated its Android interface.

💡 Balancer is now deployed on Optimism through BeethovenX.

💡 Astroport is now fully migrated to Terra 2.0. Astroport users will also be eligible to receive $Astro airdrop.

💡 Tokenlon removed the minimum trading amount and updated its trading fee calculation logic.

💡 The overall market trading volume showed a slight decrease compare to last week.

— Dex Closeup —


  • DODO Now supports Brave Wallet


  • Updated its Android wallet app, optimized several features, and improved user experience.
  • Intergraded Balancer liquidity.
  • Cumulative users on the Ethereum mainnet exceed over 1.3 million.
  • P2PB2B lists $1inch.


  • Now supports Euler Finance, which allows users to borrow any WETH correlated assets on Uniswap.


  • $BLP can now be staked on Stake DAO, which increases $BLP’s revenue accrual.
  • 1inch integrated Balancer liquidity.
  • was deployed on Optimism through BeethovenX.


  • Published proposal to end BNT emissions for the “Primordial Pools” and reallocate the same emissions budget to BNT staking.

— Market Overview —


  • Fully migrated to Terra 2.0, and users are now able to claim their airdrops.
  • Astroport on Terra 2.0 supports all products and features from its previous version.


  • Added a new product monitoring feature.
  • RocketX integrated ParaSwap liquidity.


  • removed minimum trading amount.
  • Updated the trading fee logic, the protocol will compare the fee paid by the user with the miner's fee and charge a fee based on the following:
    • "Selling ETH (ETH > Token)"
      • The user pays the miner's fee generated by the exchange.
    • Non-selling ETH (Token > Token)"
      • Transaction fee (transaction amount * rate) > Miner's fee
        • The fee charged by Tokenlon for this type of transaction is the difference between the two, and the actual fee paid by the user is significantly reduced, and the miner's fee is paid with the exchange-generated tokens.
      • Transaction fee (transaction amount * fee rate) < miner's fee
        • Tokenlon does not charge the user a transaction fee for this type of transaction, and the user only pays the miner's fee with the exchange token.
        • If the transaction fails, the user does not have to bear the loss of the miner's fee, which is borne by the Tokenlon community treasury.


  • The proposal to feature PRDT Finance (Predictions Market) was passed.


  • $Joe can now be borrowed against $AVAX, USDT, USDC, and a few other assets. The collateralization ration is set at 40%.

Part 2. Data Tracking

Trading Volume and Market Share Analysis

The market trading volume showed a slight decrease compared to last week. The exchanges that performed better with rising volumes were Serum, Platypus, Synthetix, and Zigzag. mm_finance, Saber saw a significant drop in volumes, while the rest of the exchanges saw modest declines.

Source: Coingecko
Source: Coingecko

In terms of market share, the top three DEXs are Uniswap, Pancakeswap, and Curve, where Uniswap continues to increase its relative share despite the declining volume, while Pancake's share is shrinking and Curve's share is increasing significantly. Balancer, Osmosis, Defichain, Thorswap, and Openocean dropped out of the top 20, while Synthetix, Saber, Zigzag, Tokenlon, and Raydium entered the top 20.

Source: Coingecko
Source: Coingecko

The market share of aggregators on Ethereum increased compared to last week, rising from 20.26% to 22.91%.

Source: Dune Analytics
Source: Dune Analytics

Whale Watch

Whale activities on Ethereum this week remain largely the same compared to last week.

Source: Dune Analytics
Source: Dune Analytics

Part 3. Project Analysis


  • RocketX is a centralized exchange and a decentralized aggregator, combining the power of CEX and DEX to bring the best price and trading experience to users.
  • RocketX has now aggregated Binance, 1inch, and a few other DEX. It is deployed on a total of 7 public chains including Ethereum mainnet, BNB Chain, and Avalanche.
  • RocketX also supports non-custodial solutions, and integrated multiple wallet apps, allowing users to take self-custody of their assets.
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