The Web3 Medici Effect - Fuelling a Regen Renaissance

Fuelling the Regen-assance 🌱 🚀

A decade ago, it would have been unthinkable that Web3 and the concepts of digital ownership and decentralisation through the internet, could become a critical tool in the fight against climate change and other existential risks. While DeFi (Decentralized Finance) was born on the premise of challenging the entrenched power of centralized financial systems, ReFi (Regenerative Finance) is built on the premise of redesigning money to be in harmony with the earth.

ReFi holds the potential for being the driving force of a new regenerative paradigm, one that creates holistic wealth for the many over extraction for the few. A Regen-assance is in view... 👀

Gregory Landua & AppleSeed Permaculture's Eight Forms of Capital
Gregory Landua & AppleSeed Permaculture's Eight Forms of Capital

But how can we make sure that ReFi actually holds up to this promise? How can we make sure we are not just redesigning the same extractive systems but on Web3 rails? How can we build strength, resiliency, and lasting positive impact for generations to come?

The Medici Effect 🏰

Named after the influential Medici family of Renaissance Florence, The Medici Effect demonstrates that the most revolutionary ideas arise when different fields intersect. The term was popularized by Frans Johannson in his book "The Medici Effect: Breakthrough Insights at the Intersection of Ideas, Concepts, and Cultures"

The main concept of the idea is that embracing diverse perspectives and cross-discipline collaboration is key to creative problem-solving and tackling complex challenges such as climate change. Without diversity, innovation often stagnates and develops incrementally rather than revolutionarily. Entrenched in their specialist fields of study, individual experts and academics may focus on small, linear changes while overlooking the potential for groundbreaking ideas that could arise from converging disciplines. They may have a deep understanding of individual trees but not see the forest. 🌳🌳

The Promise of Digital 🧑🏼‍💻

With the introduction of digital technologies and the internet, we now have incredible and unprecedented ability to bring diverse people and ideas together from across all different fields and backgrounds in a way that was previously impossible. However, the ability to do so does not mean this is what will actually happen..

In the pursuit of psychological safety, comfort and social connection, humans have a natural tendency to form groups of like-minded individuals. To date, the algorithms that drive main-stream social media sites and search engines seem largely to be fuelling these dynamics with their tendency towards creating echo-chambers over diverse spaces for constructive debate and dialogue. We must therefore be mindful of these limitations, and actively seek out diverse opinions and viewpoints as we tackle complex challenges and build new systems.

The Role of Web3 🌐

Web3 has the potential to help facilitate the Medici effect by empowering the seamless exchange of ideas, data, and resources across borders, as well as bringing people together across diverse backgrounds, skills, and experiences. Furthermore, blockchain & other decentralized ledger technologies have applications across multiple industries and disciplines, from finance to healthcare, art to agriculture.

By leveraging the unique strengths of each discipline and working together, individuals and organizations can collaborate to solve some of the world's most pressing challenges. By embracing diversity and fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration, Web3 technology can unleash the full potential of the Medici effect and enable a new era of innovation and problem-solving. But this requires active effort and a willingness to do so - including breaking out of the Web3 twitter echo chamber itself!

Medici in ReFi & Web3 🌱

Just as the Italian Renaissance was driven by a synergy of intellectual, cultural, economic, and technological forces that led to a remarkable period of cultural and scientific developments, the Web3 era is fuelling a new renaissance powered by it's new global coordination technology.

The Gitcoin funding rounds are a brilliant example of this. Through the power of quadratic funding, a diverse and decentralised community of donors helps to efficiently coordinate capital to a brilliant array of diverse projects. As a result, entirely new economies of projects & initiatives have been born, and this is just getting started - ReFi as an ecosystem is barely a year old!

ReFi Roundup 2022 - The Year of Regenerative Finance!
ReFi Roundup 2022 - The Year of Regenerative Finance!

Furthermore, ReFi's core concept and values have the potential to attract and unite different groups of people with diverse expertise and backgrounds. From crypto techies to regen hippies, traditional finance professionals to climate and impact experts, each group has something to bring. By fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment, ReFi can serve as a platform for these groups to come together and share knowledge, resources, and ideas. Through this collaboration, ReFi can unlock innovative solutions and drive positive impact on a global scale.

Medici in ReFi DAO 🔵

ReFi DAO is just at the beginning of conducting a new radical experiment for diverse collaboration at scale. The forming of a new nation - a new economy, culture, & society, that is grounded in the principles of Regeneration.

As part of this we aim to support a diverse and decentralized network of local ReFi & Regen communities. Each local community is an autonomous and independent entity, but all are connected by a mission to regenerate earth using the most powerful tools of our time.

Explore & join local communities at
Explore & join local communities at

Going one step further, a local community may wish to apply to become a ‘ReFi DAO Local Node’—a regionally-based local impact DAO that is fully autonomous yet connected to the network as a whole. Starting with simple meet-ups and events, successful local nodes may go on to acquire land and other real-world assets with the aim of growing a locally-based regenerative economy and community.

ReFi DAO aims to support these nodes through our emerging 'Local Node Incubator' with tools, research, workshops, resources and our emerging AI powered ReFi knowledge graph. More on this coming soon! 👀

🚨🚨🚨Hold up...

At this point you might have some questions:

  • How will governance work across ReFi DAO and the network?

  • Will there be a token? How will this work?

  • A ReFi passport?!

Or maybe even some concerns:

  • How will the DAO operate?

  • To network state or not to network state?

  • Acquiring land?! How is this going to support models of stewardship & regeneration over extractivism?

ReFi DAO is currently made up of a small and passionate core team, but to help answer and explore these questions, as well as co-create the answers, I am excited to announce the ReFi DAO Forum. The forum will serve as key part of our mission to become a community-led organization as we embark on a journey of progressive network decentralization and exit-to-community…

**Join the Forum! **

Breaking the Web3 Bubble—Diverse Collaboration for Change

Web3 and ReFi have immense potential to drive innovation and collaboration among diverse groups of people to tackle some of the world's most pressing challenges. However, this potential can only be fully realized if we break out of the Web3 bubble and engage with a more diverse range of perspectives and experiences. The Web3 community is known for its technical expertise, but to truly address complex issues like climate change, we need input from people with different backgrounds and areas of expertise. By reaching out to a broader audience and fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration, we can unlock new solutions and opportunities that wouldn't be possible within a single community. Ultimately, the true power of Web3 lies in its ability to bring people together from all walks of life to create a more equitable and sustainable future for everyone. LFGrow 🌱

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