Introducing Nil DAO
October 7th, 2021


As much as barbed wire redefined the concept of property during the Western Conquest, NFTs are unlocking a groundbreaking intellectual property mechanism for creators.

Even though, the so-called creator economy establishment is constrained by high entry costs for non-educated artists in addition to oppressive market noise-making confusing talents discovery. In addition, the poor user experience offered by centralized marketplaces is leading to an inefficient value distribution where neither creators nor collectors or curators benefit from their contribution.

Introducing Nil

Introducing Nil, a community-curated marketplace.

Nil protocol harmonizes the relationship between NFTs participants by splitting ownership among value creators.

$NIL, the governance token associated with the Nil DAO, serves as the Ariane’s thread of the creator economy.

Creators earn for creating.
Curators earn for curating.

Nil design

Built by hackers and painters, the protocol v1 unlocks an unseen experience for ecosystem participants:


  • Benefit from the Nil launchpad as a built-in community looking to amplify their work
  • Generate $NIL in relation to the value they drop on the platform
  • Enjoy a lifelong brand moat in addition to peers fellowship program


  • Generate $NIL in relation to the creators they onboard and support
  • Participate in off-chain and on-chain curation to earn $NIL


  • Enjoy a 0% fees experience
  • Access promising and recognized artists drop in a noise-less experience
  • Appreciate minting smart-contract security

Nil will have the honor to welcome historical and promising generative artists, in addition to amazing creators, among the inception cohort. Notably Potenza and Giorgio Balbi.

Next steps

Initial contributors, inspired by the_n_project, will unleash the power of the N community to collectively establish the foundation of the creator economy, serving as artists’ primary market reference.

Participants also recognize the amazing work of the Mirror DAO in their mission to empower writers. Nil DAO will humbly look to provide similar freedom to visual creators.

Tackling primary market experiences is a conscious choice to solve the current NFT economy challenges at its core. Nil DAO will quickly look to expand the protocol activities toward the secondary market.

More details regarding Nil v1 will be announced very soon.
Make sure to follow the official Nil Twitter account.

Nil is coming.
Create like usual, distribute like never.

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