Voucher System: a solution to community burnout

Voucher System

Gas wars, failed transactions, and Sybil attacks have all occurred during NFTs launches. While whitelist solutions have recently been implemented in many upcoming projects as a way to address these problems, they are causing community burnout.

In our efforts to tackle these issues, we have implemented the Voucher System in our upcoming drop; Unfoldrian by Adam Swaab. This solution was brought up to and implemented by the geniuses Tony Snark and Archethect.

How will the Vouchers work?

To ensure a fair launch, you will be assigned a voucher based on a first-come, first-served basis at the time you mint.

Each drop will have a voucher pool, based on ‌collection size and public minting spots. For instance, in the Unfoldrian drop there will be 42 spots for public access; that means 42 vouchers in the pool.

This voucher will give you:

  • The option of minting the collection.
  • A 5-minute window to complete your transaction.
  • During that period, a guaranteed spot of the mint.

But remember, if you fail to mint or get your transaction done during this period, the voucher will go back to the pool. A counter ticking down will be shown by the system in order to let you know the time left to complete the transaction.

If you didn’t manage to get a voucher on the first try, the system will tell you all vouchers that are pending to mint so you can retry after the 5 minute window closes and vouchers return to the pool.


This, we believe, is a step toward more fair and equal launches, in which you will not pay more for gas than the actual mint.

Lets go!

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