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Inspired by the electrifying success of Olympus DAO, Sushi, Treasure and the Frog Nation, Nil contributors are looking to erase a collective of NFT believers building  the most powerful NFT marketplace.

Well structured, we will collectively establish the central point on which creators, collectors and curators perform economical activities.

In order to do so, the Nil DAO will deploy +3m $vNIL. Everyone is welcome.

What do you get joining Nil DAO?

  • Airdrop starting from 1,500 $vNIL
  • Monthly payments for your work.
  • Join an early venture and have fun on the ride

Niliterium activities concern:

  • Community expansion
  • Product development

Nilistadors are organized in Legions responsible for specific development areas.

The most common package is the Nilistador. A welcoming pack of 1,500 $vNIL distributed to more than thousands participants for their past and future contribution to the Web3. You can assimilate this to a classic airdrop.

Nilistadors can join Legions to participate in a specific area of the Niliterium. There is always a Legion to meet friends and leverage your talents.

The Niliturions help coordinating efforts, insuring information transmission and ownership respect.

Those getting engaged in Legions will receive, in addition to a greater welcoming pack, a monthly payment for working within the DAO.

On the product side, 3 fronts have been identified as priority to defeat the BrokenSea.

Community enjoyor or avid solidity develepor, there is a pack for you 👑

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