unshETH Express: $USH and vd(3,3,3)

In the neon-lit streets of the blockchain metropolis, three warriors stood at the crossroads of decentralization. Altair, Piandao, and Achilles were each haunted by the ghosts of liquidity mining's past, a world of centralization and greed that threatened to consume and destroy Ethereum.

But they were determined to make a change, to take the old and mold it into something new, something positive-sum. They dreamed of a world where capital flowed freely, where the power of validators was determined by the collective will of the community.

As they walked through the bustling streets, the aroma of street food wafted through the air. Altair couldn't help but think of the early days of liquidity mining, when food coins were all the rage. They had been simple, easy to understand, but ultimately unsustainable. Just like the fleeting taste of street food, they had quickly lost their appeal.

The three warriors, each with their own unique skills, set out to overhaul the train and make it more inclusive for all. Altair, with his sharp mind and strategic thinking, led the charge in redesigning the incentive structure. Piandao, with his wisdom and experience, crafted new ways to distribute capital that would prioritize decentralization. And Achilles, with his strength and determination, rallied the community to join in the effort.

As they worked tirelessly on the train, they also made sure to include the different boarding groups of the community in the airdrop of USH tokens, the "boarding passes" for the unshETH Express. These groups represented the diverse members of the community who had been left behind by the current system.

The unshETH Express is ready to board!
The unshETH Express is ready to board!

Finally, the day of the launch arrived. The train, now sleek and polished, was ready to depart for the journey to Shanghai. The warriors, along with the community, boarded the train at the Goerli station, eager to see the fruits of their labor.

As the train pulled out of the station and picked up speed, the warriors couldn't help but feel a sense of nostalgia for the past, but also excitement for the future. They knew that this journey would be different, that it would be a journey towards true decentralization, where every member of the community had a say and a stake. To ensure that everyone had a chance to participate, the team had created four boarding groups:

  • Early adopters of the old guard of liquid staking

  • Liquid staking pioneers who've been using LSDfi for leverage

  • The savviest yield-seekers this side of L1 (LSD-ETH LP farmers)

  • Team and early contributors

And in the airdrop, the distribution was approximately 80% community and 20% team. 7.5% of the total airdrop was set aside for distribution.

To maximize rewards, stakers can aim for a strategy called vd(3,3,3) by:

  • Staking for the maximum lock period within the first 24 hours

  • Maintaining high coordination with other stakers to reach the 3x coordination multiplier

  • Participating in governance to set a new optimal decentralization ratio (and then meeting it) every 21 days.

Reaching the maximum lock period and coordination multiplier is not enough. Achieving a decentralization ratio that allows for a 3x scaling of the base multiplier every 21 days requires collaboration and coordination with your peers.

You can read our docs for more info on vdMining and how to claim your USH airdrop. Validator Decentralization mining is live now at unshETH.xyz and will run until Shanghai. More details coming soon!

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