Meet the RELICSxyz Team: Our Head of Engineering

He’s pioneering the future of Metaverse Music

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce the newest member of our ever-growing team, -wizard. -wizard is joining our team as the Head of Engineering at RELICSxyz. As a pioneer in the Web3 music space, we pride ourselves on staying at the cutting edge of technology, and there's no better person to help us do that than him. As you will learn, -wizard is one of the best developers in Web3 with a long pedigree of innovation. 

This week we sat down with -wizard to gain a deeper understanding of his background and learn a little bit more about his drive to advance Web3 music. Keep reading to dive deeper into all things -wizard, and don’t forget to pop into our Discord after to give him a warm welcome!

Can you please tell us a little about your background and how you discovered your passion for Web3?

My background spans across various industries, including higher education, insurance, wholesale banking, and healthcare, all with a focus on big data analytics. My passion for Web3 emerged upon realizing that a blockchain is fundamentally a decentralized database. As I started experimenting with Ethereum, I recognized the technology’s potential to revolutionize industries and establish genuine ownership.

My first experiment in web3 was an on-chain token swap platform, a precursor to Uniswap, which was later acquired by Dragonchain. There, I continued to develop additional experiments using their permissioned blockchain technology.

As the DeFi summer drew to a close, I co-founded Don’t Buy MEME, a project that blended NFTs, DeFi, and on-chain loyalty. We pioneered the idea of an on-chain loyalty system and that value could extend beyond fruit tokens, with NFTs serving as rewards for loyalty. MEME’s success had me dedicating hours to preparing new drops, leading me to realize the need for a scalable platform so that we could continue innovating with new mechanics. This realization coincided with Nifty’s acquisition of our technology, where I took on the role of CTO. At Nifty’s, I had the unique opportunity to collaborate with major players like Warner Brothers, Sony, Discovery, and HBO, helping them navigate their Web3 goals and crafting enterprise-grade systems to meet their needs

At my core, I am a builder and an experience seeker. Web3 has allowed me to merge these passions and build new experiences. Recently, I’ve been exploring the convergence of Web2 and Web3, taking Web2 concepts and augmenting them to unlock the true potential of NFTs.

How does your skillset contribute to your role at RELICSxyz, and what unique perspectives do you bring to the team?

Now that the distribution of NFTs has become commoditized, it’s time to focus on delivering what many projects have promised: utility and integration. I am passionate about turning the vision of a Web3 music player into a reality, and my experience building high-use systems will be invaluable in making that happen. My background in developing various NFT projects at the intersection of Web2 and Web3 will allow me to bring unique perspectives and ideas to the team at RELICSxyz. It’s time for us to build upon the innovation of NFTs as a technology and create products that enhance the way we interact with and use them.

If you could create the ultimate Metaverse music experience (with an unlimited budget), what would that entail?

It should go beyond simply recreating real-world events. Instead, we need to build an experience that immerses fans in the heart of the action and allows them to interact with music and artists in new and exciting ways. Millennials and Gen Z are driven by a desire for unique and memorable experiences, and they want to be entertained in innovative ways. To attract people to the Metaverse, we must provide experiences that surpass what can be found in the real world, rather than merely replicating it. The ultimate Metaverse music experience should enable fans to connect with their favorite artists and engage with music like never before.

How do you see the Metaverse redefining live music experiences and fan engagement in the era of Web3?

I envision the Metaverse as an integral part of the overall music experience, not limited to a virtual world experienced within a confined physical space. With the rapid evolution of AR and VR technologies, the possibilities are expanding. Imagine attending a music festival, wearing a lightweight headset, and being transported into the Metaverse. You would see those around you in their Web3 form and the festival coming alive—immersing you in the center of the action. Two-dimensional displays would instantly transform into 3D, allowing you to interact with the art around you and truly experience music. Your NFTs would act as keys, unlocking exclusive experiences throughout the festival and granting unprecedented access. I believe this future is closer than we might think, and it has the potential to redefine live music experiences and fan engagement in the era of Web3.

What initially attracted you to RELICSxyz, and how do you believe it’s revolutionizing the music industry and Web3?

Their innovative approach to revolutionizing the music industry through Web3 technology. As someone with a deep appreciation for music and a background in audio engineering, I am excited to contribute to a project that blends my passion for music with my expertise in the Web3 space. RELICSxyz’s focus on creating unique fan experiences and integrating NFTs into utility applications aligns with my own vision of the future of music and Web3.

If you could pick any musician from history (dead or alive) to collaborate on a RELICSxyz IDOL or RELIC, who would it be and why?

Definitely Freddie Mercury from Queen. He was an extraordinary performer with a unique ability to captivate audiences. His charisma, stage presence, and music continue to be loved by all generations. I would want to create a unique IDOL for Freddie Mercury with RELICS of Queen’s greatest hits. This collaboration would not only pay homage to his legacy but also introduce his timeless artistry to new generations through in new innovative mediums.

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