State Of The Chain - Midweek Supplemental (9/4-9/6)

A twice-weekly industry status report for the emerging news and trending topics surrounding the business of web3.

Here are some of the emerging stories early in the week:

Electronics maker LG launches NFT Marketplace; Miners, FTX, and Blockchain Bridges prepare for the Ethereum merge; NFT Marketplaces continue to lose money; Binance and Nigeria in talks to build a digital city; and more predictions on the future of crypto markets.

The Rest of the Rollup

A curated list of the top news, opinions, and insights from every corner of the web3 ecosystem.

Business & The Blockchain

Suzie Cardwell gives her opinion on the future of digital Marketing and web3; Six web3 startups selected by PolygonLEAP accelerator program; U.S. Patent awarded for placing computer OS onto blockchain; OnePlantet NFT marketplace leaves Terra for Polygon; And how web3 commerce may help in the recession.


Regulators eye small banks’ partnerships with fintechs; New metaverse ETF launches for EU investors; Singapore’s DBS bank looks to add digital exchange options; and an opinion on crypto helping lenders cover loan values.


New innovations in the blockchain gaming space; bots in web3 gaming; Minecraft’s ban on NFTs impacting Critterz NFT community; Geenee AR launches mulit-metaverse AR game; And Gameplay Galaxy raises $12.8 Million for competitive gaming platform.


David Bowie’s NFT launch encounters online resistance; Firefly Music Festival partners with web3 brand Autograph; NBA partners with NFT Company Sorare to build fantasy sports market; Hollywood producer adopts web3 strategy for future films; And Sony Music files for NFT trademarks.

Governmental/Legal/ Regulatory Compliance Updates

Web3 trademark applications outgrow the previous year already; U.S. regulator says digital assets belong under traditional banking rules; UAEs vision for the future of the web3 economy; Washington State imposes NFT sales and use tax; And new marketplace aims to streamline licensing of NFT Intellectual Property.

Scams/Rugs/Security Concerns

Over $2.8 Billion lost to web3 scams and exploits in 2022; Terror groups look to use NFTs to finance terrorism; NFT watchdog exploited after minting its own collection; 4 steps towards securing web3; And 5 ways to spot an NFT gaming scam.

General Interest/Educational Content

What are Dynamic NFTs; Bear markets and web3 innovation; Malaysian Universities to offer women-centered blockchain programming courses; Impacts of Cross-chain interoperability; And blockchains allow for more control of our personal data.

Market State

Check the current state of the crypto markets at CoinMarketCap

Blockchain BIOs

A live view into the project plans and progress reports for all ongoing Blockchain BIO projects

Community Corner

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Disclaimer: The articles and opinions in this report are those of the original authors and are not legal, financial, or general advice otherwise. For legal and financial guidance, please consult a qualified attorney or financial advisor.

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