State of The Chain - Sunday Edition (9/18/2022)
September 18th, 2022

A twice-weekly industry status report for the emerging news and trending topics surrounding the business of web3.

Top-Line Trends

Bullish Updates 

Ethereum completes “The Merge”, web3 community reactions mostly positive • NFT markets see initial spike post-merge and look for continued benefit from Proof-of-StakeBinance and Google team up in effort to improve blockchain industry security and help startups • Japan’s SBI approved for Capital Markets Licence in Singapore • Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX endeavors grow despite bear market risks • Starbucks rolls out web3 rewards program • Blockchain market predicted to reach $32 billion in MENA region by 2024.

Bearish Downsides

SEC chair hints that ETH may now qualify as a security after the “The Merge” • French proposal to give authorities power to seize crypto assetsArrest warrant issued for Do Kwan in South Korea • Ubisoft loses momentum in web3 adoption plan • Polkadot and Kusama prices fallHSBC CEO explains why crypto is not in the banking giant’s future • El Salvador’s Bitcoin strategy questionable one year in.

The Rest of the Rollup

A curated list of the top news, opinions, and insights from every corner of the web3 ecosystem. 

Business & The Blockchain

NFT artists and projects celebrate mergerAdobe to acquire Figma and what this might mean for NFTs • OpenSea collaborates to create NFT Rarity protocol • GameStop continues push into web3 with NFT-based loyalty program • Cayman Islands see first real estate sale using crypto • Blockchain use case: Blockchain solutions for the healthcare industry • Opinion: Bear market won’t slow down NFT brand activations • How content marketers should view web3 •Opinion: CEO of MNNT predicts push for brands to develop NFT strategy by 2025.


Hong Kong Central Bank exploring blockchain for SME financing • Exploring some of the less obvious problems with DeFi • How stablecoins may protect against global inflation • Why crypto users are exploring credit unions • Integrating NFTs into financial services • Opinion: Wall Street doesn’t need Bitcoin; Bitcoin doesn’t need Wall Street • Managing crypto losses in the UK


Fortnite creator launches NFT game • Emerging web3 gaming modelsEsports industry making its way into web3Anomura partners with Atari to bring “classical” game assets to web3 games • Epic Games is adding an NFT game to the platform • The collapse of cryptokitties • Korean gaming giant WeMade to launch Layer 1 blockchain.


From Love Island stars to Tommy Hilfiger, web3 makes a showing at NYFWNFT sports trading cards on the rise • NFTs and reimagining how digital art is valued • Blockchain music startup Arpeggi labs raises $5.1 Million from multiple industry backers • More web3 fashion events slated for the Metaverse.

Governmental/Legal/ Regulatory Compliance Updates

FDIC advisory to institutions regarding deposit insurance and crypto firms • Blockchain Association weighs in on White House crypto framework as “missed opportunity” • Some Salvadoran businesses omit Bitcoin from future plans • South Korea’s Seongnam plans NFT citizenship in the Metaverse • Whitehouse looks at potential rules for crypto miningGoogle's $4 billion fine may have negative impact on web3 protocols • APAC bank regulators take conservative approach to crypto • Report: Analysis of Americas web3 regulators and rules.

Scams/Rugs/Security Concerns

Five crypto scams to know before you start trading • Crypto advisor faces charges from the SEC • Dutch police arrest suspected Bitcoin thief by tracing transactions • Terra Classic continues losing streak • Staying ahead of crypto hacks and legal risks • US Treasury blacklists Bitcoin addresses linked to Iranian ransomware Group • Binance schools law enforcement on tracking crypto-crime • Bitcoin ATMs and their appeal to cyber-criminals

General Interest/Educational Content

Board Ape owner to launch IRL yacht club • Fintech education and the crypto job market • Questions about crypto from the Cato institute • A look at Biance CEO Changpeng Zhao • Incorporating crypto into an estate plan • Exploring the advantages of decentralization in web3 • Predictions on the future of web3

Market State

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Blockchain BIOs 

A live view into the project plans and progress reports for all ongoing Blockchain BIO projects. If you want to know more about how a specific task was executed, scroll to the right on the embedded project plan below.

DAOYOUniversity Launch and Development

Tasks Completed

  • Launched NFT Onboarding project 

  • Published State of the Chain -  Midweek Supplemental edition

Tasks Started/In progress

  • Began development of website 

  • Began building discord

  • Finished NFT Onboarding BIO Litepaper 

  • Began soliciting for collaboration

Tasks Not Completed

  • Launch Discord MVP - Missed deadline

  • Launch NFT/POAP MVP - Missed deadline

Lessons Learned

  • Time management/prioritization/resource allocation  issues need to be addressed 

  • NFT/POAP strategy should not have been scheduled this early

  • Website development took much longer than expected

  • Very limited engagement, need to market/promote better

  • Need to assess and iterate on newsletter format/deliverable

Upcoming This Week 

  • Finish website MVP

  • Finish Discord

  • One potential collaboration meeting scheduled 

  • Continuing to send out invites to collaborate

Live Project Plan (Embedded from DAOYOU’s project management Dashboard)

NFT Onboarding (Visual Artist)

Tasks Completed

  • Published Litepaper (Late)

  • Wallet generated and funded

  • Thirdweb account set up

  • OpenSea account set up

Tasks Started/In Progress

  • Digitizing art 

  • Research and catalog content to be used for digital art gallery

Tasks Not Completed

  • N/A

Lessons Learned

  • Kinkos scanning is much cheaper and has similar DPI as many of the art scanning companies

  • Coinbase wallet setup is clearcut and easy

  • Coinbase hosted account setup, KYC, and funding is not user friendly 

  • Other options may be available to digitize physical art that are less expensive than kinkos

  • Issues with over-scheduling between this project, DAOYOUniversity obligations, and other work/life needs 

Upcoming This Week

  • Compile notes and lessons learned, create phase 1 & 2 report out 

  • Finalize art digitization and edit/color correct/prepare for mint!

  • Develop digital art gallery and upload to website

Live Project Plan (Embedded from DAOYOU’s project management Dashboard)

Community Corner

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