So, what is Joba?

Joba is your future of work platform. It’s the safe and secure way to work in the new age. Why should you use Joba?

**      For Hirers**

  • Having a flexible, contractor heavy workforce is important for a volatile industry

  • Pay in your native token and stablecoins

  • No recruiter fees, no fees on the match

    For Workers

  • Build your credibility by earning “Verified by Joba” credentials

  • Manage your contracts and payments in one-place

  • Discover new opportunities to earn extra income

How does the platform work?

It’s simple!

  1. Simply find jobs or post jobs,

  2. Create contracts based on those jobs,

  3. Pay or get paid on those contracts,

  4. Earn Verified by Joba credentials

    Now you start to build your reputation and credibility with Joba :)

If you already have existing contracts you can also bring those on Joba to start earning credibility and reputation too.

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