Product Update #1

We’re starting a weekly change-log to show the latest things we’ve shipped!


  • In-app notifications: see a chronological list of updates to tasks you’re reviewing, assigned to or have applied to
  • Subtask improvements: expand subtasks to get a better overview of bigger tasks/epics
  • Task feed: find new tasks matching your skills in the organizations you follow


In-app notifications

Subtask improvements

Expand tasks in the board or list to dive down into subtasks and their status. This makes it easier to manage slightly bigger tasks and bounties within Dework

Navigating with keyboard shortcuts: cmd+k / ctrl+k

For all you keyboard shortcut maximalists out there, you can now navigate through Dework using the cmd+k shortcut, similar to Discord and many other apps.**

Task feed

A list of tasks matching your skills in the organizations you follow

Discord thread emoji prefix

With the Dework Discord integration, you can get threads to discuss tasks and bounties. Now those threads will show an emoji indicating the status of the task

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