Product Update #10


  • 📈 Project activity feed
  • 📖 Space overview
  • 🔓 Improved task permissions

📈 Project activity feed

It’s now possible to share progress updates and context in the project activity feed. For example, grantees can use this to share updates on their work instead of emailing the grant manager. This makes it easier for new contributors to get up to speed and for the community to following along.

📖 Space overview

When creating a project or space, there’s now a new tab “Overview”. This is a place where contributors go to get context on a project. You can write a description, show start/end date, who’s leading and contributing to the project, and more!

🔓 Improved task permissions

The task permission form has been revamped. It is now possible to restrict both who can apply and who can claim tasks at the same time. Hopefully this will also make the different ways of gating access to tasks more clear!

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