Product Update #13

Here are some the things we shipped during the past week. Have an idea for a new feature or a bug to report? Submit a suggestion here ➡️


  • 📍 Project Milestones
  • 📥 New Discord integration: Activity Feed
  • ⛩ Utopia Integration

📍 Project Milestones

You can now highlight important phases of your project by creating Milestones. These milestones will then appear on your project’s Overview page.

To create a Milestone, simply add a “milestone” tag to a task.

Tip: you can do milestone-based funding by adding a bounty to these milestones!

📥 New Discord integration: Activity Feed

In order to make sure your entire community can follow Projects and Guilds updates, you can now enable this new Discord integration to send a message in a channel when a new Activity Feed update is posted in Dework.

⛩ Utopia Integration

In case you missed it: we now have an integration with Utopia! When adding a payment method in Dework, you can select Utopia to directly pay bounties there!

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