Product Update #3


  • 🎨 New Task modal design
  • 📝 Task templates
  • 🏎 Bug fixes and performance improvements

🎨 New Task modal design

We made changes to the task modal design to make it easier to quickly find relevant information. Task permissions, bounty, skills and due date will now appear right under the task name. The sidebar is also collapsable so that you can hide secondary properties and focus on the task content when needed. We’re still iterating on this so feel free to drop your feedback in our Discord server!

📝 Task Templates

You can now create task templates from a project’s settings. When creating a task, you can select one of these templates to prefill all task fields. Coming soon: Community Suggestions & Project Templates!

🏎 Bug fixes and performance improvements

You might have experienced some difficulties accessing Dework at some point during the last week. Really sorry about that! 🙇 We’ve been working hard to find and fix a bunch of bugs and now these problems have been solved.

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