Product Update #16

New this week:

  • 🔄 Notion Bounty Sync

  • 🖼 Improved in-app Notifications

🔄 Notion Bounty Sync

You can now connect a Dework Space to a Notion board in order to sync Bounties! Doing so will automatically add a “Setup bounty” button to your Notion tasks and you will be able to use that button to very easily create Bounties out of these tasks.

Once a bounty has been created in Dework, its amount and details will also be reflected in Notion.

You will be able to use this new integration by going to a Space’s Settings → Notion Integration.

🖼 Improved in-app Notifications

We’re making some updates to in-app notifications

  • You will now be able to quickly access your notifications by clicking the bell icon at the bottom of the sidebar
  • We’ve updated the notifications design to make them more readable
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