Product Update #12

Here are some the things we shipped during the past week. Have an idea for a new feature or a bug to report? Submit a suggestion here ➡️


  • 💬 Task Comments - they’re finally here!
  • 🎨 Roles Page V2 - share more information about your roles

💬 Task Comments

You can now leave comments on all tasks!

For a long time, we’ve relied only on Discord threads to communicate about tasks. While we still believe Discord threads are a great way to have more focused discussions, we see comments as this higher-level communication channel that will make it easier for contributors to get in touch with task reviewers.

🎨 Roles Page V2

It’s now possible to add more information on the roles you feature on Dework. This includes:

  • Skills
  • Compensation Rate
  • Commitment

Roles also now have a dedicated page that you can easily share with your community.

Coming soon: a much easier way for contributors to find out about your open roles 👀

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