Product Update #6

Here are some the things we shipped during the past week. Have an idea for a new feature or a bug to report? Submit a suggestion here ➡️


  • 🍿 Roles page: allow contributors to apply to roles directly from Dework
  • 🤖 New Discord Integration: send a message when a Community Suggestion is created
  • 📝 Submission & Application Form Templates
  • 🔗 Application Form External link

🍿 Roles page

Role-gating has been a very popular feature from the start in Dework. We also often hear contributors asking how to get certain roles when they see that a task is role-gated. This is why we’re introducing the Roles page today: a page where you can showcase all your roles and how contributors can get them.

Now, when a task is role-gated and the role in question is featured in the Roles page, we will provide a link to the Roles page on the task itself. The goal is to create a frictionless experience where any new contributor can easily find their way to their first contribution.

🤖 New Discord Integration

We’re releasing a new Discord integration to stay up to date with new Community Suggestions posted on your Dework board. After enabling this integration, the Dework bot will automatically send a message when a new Community Suggestion is created. It’s also pretty easy for anyone to upvote it from Discord directly by just clicking the Upvote button 📈 We’d like to take the occasion to thank everyone who’s been actively submitting suggestions to our board, and more specifically Neo#5554 and 0x.knight#4565!

📝 Submission & Application Form Templates

It’s now possible to create a custom template for a task’s Submission or Application form. This new option is available in the Permissions settings when creating a task.

For grants specifically, it’s sometimes necessary to have a more advanced process to manage applications. We’re making it possible to link a task’s “I’m interested” button to any external link. Airtable form, Google Form, Notion forms, anything! Contributors who then click the button will be redirected to that link.

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