Product Update #5

Here are some the things we shipped during the past week. Have an idea for a new feature or a bug to report? Submit a suggestion here ➡️


  • 🏰 Role-Gated Applications: restrict who can apply to a task based on Discord Roles
  • 🔖 Bookmark Tasks: save interesting bounties for later
  • 💥 Convert task to Project: create a project from a task
  • 👶 Set parent task: transform any task into the subtask of another task

🏰 Role-Gated Applications

As part of a task’s Permissions, you can now decide to only open applications to contributors with certain Discord Roles

🔖 Bookmark Tasks

When viewing a task, you can now click the Bookmark icon to bookmark it. Bookmarked tasks will then appear in the “Bookmarks” section of the home page.

💥 Convert task to Project

It’s now possible to create a new project directly from an existing task. Subtasks will become normal tasks in the project and task assignee(s) and reviewer(s) will get the “Manage project” permission.

👶 Set parent task

After clicking a task detail’s action icon (top right corner), you will now find an option to transform the task into the subtask of another task.

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