Product Update #11

Here are some the things we shipped during the past week. Have an idea for a new feature or a bug to report? Submit a suggestion here ➡️


  • 🌐 Hubs - introducing a home for leading web3 ecosystems
  • ⚡️ Open Grants - web3’s best grants programs in one place

🌐 Hubs

Today, we’re introducing the DeSci Hub, the very first Dework Hub. The ambition with Hubs is to link different projects and organizations from a common ecosystem and provide an easy way for anyone to find opportunities to contribute.

Earlier this week, we launched the DeSci Hub in partnership with leading DeSci organizations such as VitaDAO, PsyDAO, LabDAO and ResearchHub. Visit the hub on Dework now:

💡 We don’t plan to stop here and have many new Hubs coming in the next few weeks. What Hub would you like to see on Dework? Let us know in Discord!

⚡️ Open Grants

You can now browse and filter web3’s top grants programs and apply directly from Dework. Grants are ideal for getting funding for a project you’re currently building or simply finding an idea for something to work on next.

Are you a grants provider and want to be featured? Reach out to us on Discord!

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