Product Update #2

Before we jump into the product update #2, a more general update for those who missed it: last week, we announced our $5M seed round led by Paradigm and Pace! For the occasion, we also built a brand new landing page:


  • Workspace Combined Board
  • Bounty request: when applying to a task, it’s now possible for contributors to request a bounty to complete the task
  • New Discord Integrations: Community Suggestions Board
  • Github Integration Update: only sync issues with a specific label

Bounty requests

As part of their application, contributors will now be able to indicate how much they’d like to get for completing a certain task. See “Request funding” option

New Discord Integration: Community Suggestions Board

This is the first wave of a series of major improvements we’re preparing for Community Suggestions. If you have thoughts on how we could make Community Suggestions better, feel free to message us on Discord (or post a Suggestion on our Dework board 😉 )

Community Suggestions Board

If you want to have a global view of all your community suggestions and make it easier for your community to find them, you can enable the Community Suggestions Board integration. A single message will be posted and automatically updated when new suggestions are added or updated. Here, we recommended restricting sending messages in the channel where this integration lives so that the board remains the only message message in the channel.

Workspace Combined Board

We’re working on a big update to help you organize your projects more effectively and make your organization home page easier to navigate. We’re building Workspaces so that you can use them as homes for your guilds, teams, pods, etc. To create a Workspace, click the “Create Workspace” button on the DAO home page

  1. Workspaces now have their own dedicated space where you can see all ongoing projects (and more very soon!)
  2. Workspaces now have their own Combined Boards which combine all tasks from the different projects existing in a Workspace (shoutout to LabDAO for sharing their great ideas on that part!)

Github Integration: Only sync issues with specific labels

For bigger Github repo, you might not always want to sync all issues to Dework. When adding a repo, you can select which labels should be sync:

(Note: if your repos are already connected, you will need to disconnect/reconnect to enable this)

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