Product Update #4


  • 🌎 Spaces! Sections are getting replaced with Spaces and it’s possible to create Projects inside Spaces
  • 📓 Archive Projects
  • 💡 Global Community Suggestions Board
  • 🔥 Task Views icons

🌎 Spaces and Projects

We’re changing what things are called in Dework slightly:

  • What used to be Projects are now called Spaces
  • You can create Projects inside Spaces. This is a new type of Projects, different from old Projects (now called Spaces). Further down the road we will add features around roadmaps, timelines, etc for these projects.
  • Sections have been disabled for new organizations as we now recommend to use Spaces instead

Why are we making this change?

  • Sections have mainly been used to group Projects based on a common property. For instance, many of you have been using Sections to group Projects by Guild, Working group, Pod, etc…
  • However, Sections don’t scale well for this use case so we made some changes to better support this workflow. You can see Spaces as Sections 2.0.

Important: If you’re currently using Sections and would like to transform them into Spaces while keeping their child Projects, please DM jala#2022 on Discord and we can do this automatically for you.

To create a Project within a Space, click on the “+” icon next to a Space’s name in the sidebar.

📓 Archive Projects

It’s now possible to Archive Projects (the new type of Projects, which now exist inside Spaces). To Archive a project, click on the three dots icon next to its name in the Sidebar. Archived projects will appear in a separate section in your Space.

💡 Global Community Suggestions Board

There is now a “Community Suggestions” tab at the organization level where you can keep track of all Suggestions posted in any Space of your DAO.

Coming next: alerts when new suggestions are posted, UI redesign and improvements to the Discord integration!

🔥 Task View Icons

It’s now possible to add emojis as icons for your Task Views.

Coming next: Projects icons!

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