Product Update #9


  • 🗂 Nested workspaces
  • 🚀 Updated space/project/section creation
  • ✅ Rich task link previews in task descriptions

🗂 Nested workspaces

Before Dework had Spaces, that contained Projects, that contained Tasks. This structure doesn’t always make sense. We have now moved over Projects to be nested Spaces. Right now only one level of nesting is supported, but soon it will be possible to nest multiple levels deep. This allows you to both use Dework for a single project, as well as for a bigger DAO that requires more structure.

🚀 Updated space/project/section creation

Create a Space, Project or Section from the new “Create” button in the sidebar or DAO overview. Spaces are containers to organize and categorize work. Projects are used to manage tasks that are part of a larger goal, and can be shown in the Roadmap we released last week.

When pasting a link to another Dework task, it will show a rich preview

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