Dework raises $5M seed round led by Paradigm & Pace

DAOs are one of the most interesting ways to coordinate activity since we invented limited liability organizations 400+ years ago.

There's one clear problem though: DAOs lack good tooling for managing & organizing autonomous work at scale.

There are four main categories of bottlenecks DAOs run into:

  1. They can’t use traditional project management tools like Jira or Linear since:

    • They are pay-per-seat, which isn’t viable for DAOs where tens of thousands of people want visibility and might contribute. 

    • Their permission system isn’t granular enough - simply being either a ‘member’ or an ‘admin’ doesn’t suffice when working with tens of thousands of DAO members and hundreds of contributors. Each person has varying amounts of commitments, work history, skin in the game and trust.

  2. Many contributors are part of several DAOs at once, but each new DAO has no way of knowing what you’ve worked on before. There’s no good way to build up a clear work profile when contributing, especially in a world where LinkedIn is shunned. 

  3. The community surrounding DAOs want more visibility into the work of the core team and contributors, as they often lack transparency on the day-to-day progress. Insiders are often the only ones kept in the loop on completed and upcoming tasks & projects, creating disjointed understandings of progress in the community. 

  4. Because of the lack of transparency in the current tooling, it’s especially hard for new contributors to get up to speed and know where to start contributing, especially if you’re contributing to several DAOs

That’s why we started Dework. We’ve set out to build a Web3-native collaboration tool where DAOs can overcome these problems and manage tasks and bounties in an open workspace, seamlessly handle internal and external work, and allow contributors to find new projects. 

Some of the things Dework allows DAOs to do:

  • Create granular permission controls using your current server’s Discord roles
  • Have one place to manage all workflows, both for ‘internal teams’ and for current and new contributors
  • Get a clear picture of who’s doing what in your DAO and gamify the experience using our contributor leaderboard
  • Batch-pay your bounties through the Gnosis Safe integration
  • Deep sync with Github & Discord

Since our launch, we’ve become one of the largest task & bounty platforms for DAOs, used by organizations such as OpenDAO, AragonDAO, CityDAO, ShapeshiftDAO, PolygonDAO and New Order DAO, with more than 18,000 created tasks & bounties and 11,000 signed up users.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve raised a $5M seed round led by Paradigm and Pace Capital, with additional participation from Balaji Srinivasan, Polygon founder Sandeep Nailwal and more. These investors have worked alongside founders in scaling Web3 companies and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with them for our next phase of growth.

We believe that the world is headed toward a decentralized workforce, where workers have more autonomy and transparency in their work. With this funding, we plan to grow and invest even more actively into putting out even more bounties for ourselves, encouraging even more contributors to help build Dework using Dework. 

Come join us on our mission. For more information, join our Discord and follow us on Twitter to stay updated. 

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