Product Update #7

Here are some the things we shipped during the past week. Have an idea for a new feature or a bug to report? Submit a suggestion here ➡️


  • ⚡️ “Open to bids” bounties
  • 🤑 Suggestions Tipping: reward contributors after accepting a suggestion
  • 📦 Tasks Grid layout
  • 📄 Suggestions templates

⚡️ “Open to bids” bounties

Don't have a fixed bounty in mind? By marking a task open for bids, contributors can enter what bounty they would want when applying to the task.

🤑 Community Suggestions Tipping

When accepting high-quality suggestions, you can now easily reward contributors by adding a tip. This will create automatically create a bounty subtask that can be paid like any normal bounty.

📦 Tasks Grid layout

We’re introducing a new task style: Grid. The Grid layout makes it easier to navigate tasks in a Bounty/Grants board setup. You can change a View’s layout in the View settings (purple button next to the View name)

📄 Community Suggestions templates

You can now create Community Suggestions templates. Views will also be automatically created based on these templates.

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