⚡TurboETH - Web3 Application Framework

Build Web3 In Turbo Mode

TurboETH is a Web3 application build system designed to supercharge developers.

Go from idea to production in minutes.


How It Works

Get started at deploy.turboeth.xyz with an instant deploy to Vercel and Github.

Projects are initialized using the TurboETH web3-application template.




The TurboETH application build system is designed for rapid development. 

Seamlessly blend today’s leading Internet technologies into a beautiful production ready application that uses a combination of Web2 and Web3 technologies. 

Focus on what makes great applications - an unmatched user experience.

What is a supercharged Web3 build system exactly? Great question!

An application build system that integrates cutting edge frontend, backend and cryptography technologies integrated into a single development framework.

It’s opinionated, but also extreme flexibility.

Hybrid Web2/Web3 Applications

TurboETH blends traditional Web3 application technologies with cutting-edge Web3 cryptographic primitives. 

Why? So developers can start building next-generation applications today.


Web3 Frameworks

  • RainbowKit - Wallet connection manager

  • Sign-In With Ethereum - Account authentication

  • Etherscan - Blockchain Metadata 

Web2 Frameworks

  • Vercel - App Infrastructure

  • Prisma - Database ORM 

Developer Experience

  • TypeScript – Static type checker for end-to-end typesafety

  • Prettier – Opinionated code formatter for consistent code style

  • ESLint – Pluggable linter for Next.js and TypeScript

User Interface

  • Tailwind CSS – Utility-first CSS framework for rapid UI development

  • Radix – Primitives like modal, popover, etc. to build a stellar user experience

  • Framer Motion – Motion library for React to animate components with ease

  • Lucide – Beautifully simple, pixel-perfect icons


⚡TurboETH development is sponsored by 🌐 District Labs.



Original template was forked from https://github.com/wslyvh/nexth

Underlying wallet manage and design systems were changed, but the template is continuing to use the original folder structure, plus other developer experience optimizations.

Thank you @wslyvh 🙏

The Precedent designed system was absorbed (https://github.com/steven-tey/precedent) into TurboETH. 

Muchas gracies @steven-tey 🙏

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