Integral SIZE Is Now Available on Gnosis Safe

We are excited to announce that SIZE, the leading decentralized exchange for large orders, is now available on Gnosis Safe to bring the 0-price-impact trading experience for DAOs.

Why it matters: Gnosis Safe is a market leader for multi-signature wallet solutions. It is widely used by DAOs to effectively manage treasuries, approve spending, and make collective investment decisions. Given its user base overlaps substantially with Integral SIZE, we believe this integration will bootstrap SIZE’s usage further, and enhance our positioning as a necessary piece of DAO tooling.

The big picture: DAOs will be a cornerstone of whale trading in the years to come assuming the appropriate infrastructure is in place to facilitate this shifting guard.

  • Whales have historically been either individuals conducting large trades or larger entities with deep pockets.
  • However, DAOs have quickly become major players in this regard, evidenced by the recent JPEG’d DAO passing of its first proposal to buy $15 million worth of $CVX to earn more from an upcoming liquidity pool on Curve.
  • Although DAOs are finding their niche and the value they bring to the world of Web3, their needs have not been properly served. At the moment, DAOs still rely heavily on centralized exchanges or OTC desks, which are incompatible with either DAO’s value or operational methodology. Integral wants to change this, and bring 100% permissionless, trustless on-chain experience to DAOs.

Step-by-step Guide

Following is a step-by-step tutorial about how to use SIZE directly in Gnosis Safe.

Add Custom App

Find “Apps“ in the left sidebar, then click “Add custom App“.

In the pop-up window:

Submit an Order

After you have added SIZE to your Gnosis Safe, you can submit an 30-min TWAP order just like the way you did on SIZE.

Type in the amount you'd like to swap, then hit "TWAP".
Type in the amount you'd like to swap, then hit "TWAP".
Hit "Confirm" after you've read everything about the trade.
Hit "Confirm" after you've read everything about the trade.
Hit "Submit" on Gnosis Safe to submit your transaction.
Hit "Submit" on Gnosis Safe to submit your transaction.

Approve the transaction using Gnosis Safe

Approving transaction of SIZE bears no difference than approving a simple transfer using Gnosis Safe--you need to sign and execute it.

If you need to have more than one singature to approve the transaction, simply ask other multi-sig holders to sign and execute. They can find the pending transaction in the “Transaction“ tab in the left sidebar.

Orders submitted through Gnosis Safe is also eligible for the ongoing Trade Mining Program, where 50,000 ITGR will be given out on each weekday.

If you are running into any issues when using SIZE on Gnosis Safe, the quickest way to reach us is to open a ticket in Discord.

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