April 14th, 2022

We’re in the early days of web3. It’s the formational moment of an immersive and far reaching internet, the metaverse.

It is essential that this metaverse is not solely the domain of a few large technology companies, who can unilaterally decide who can participate and how. 

6529 talks about a “wormhole, a lever that can, maybe, lead to an Open Metaverse.” Today, we see that vision start to come to life with the announcement of OM, a new virtual world incubated by 6529. Today’s 6529 Museum District is a glimpse of the first district of the first city (Genesis City) in OM. 

OM will be a large self-governing virtual world with the goal of 10 cities of 10M citizens each.

January 20th, 2022

When we entered the scene in early 2021,  it seemed clear NFTs would change the landscape of digital art and the way we experience art in general.

It was also clear that artists and collectors lacked the tools to fully tell their stories: it was incredibly tedious to curate their works in environments that brought art to life.

Curators could either display in low-cost, less-immersive 2D settings or spend thousands of dollars on metaverse land to construct custom exhibition spaces.

Cyber was born to give collectors and artists accessible tools to easily display their NFTs in immersive, composable spaces — we built Cyber with a mission to unlock creativity for all and foster the development of a curated online world filled with endless, valuable content.