Open Metaverse

We’re in the early days of web3. It’s the formational moment of an immersive and far reaching internet, the metaverse.

It is essential that this metaverse is not solely the domain of a few large technology companies, who can unilaterally decide who can participate and how. 

6529 talks about a “wormhole, a lever that can, maybe, lead to an Open Metaverse.” Today, we see that vision start to come to life with the announcement of OM, a new virtual world incubated by 6529. Today’s 6529 Museum District is a glimpse of the first district of the first city (Genesis City) in OM. 

OM will be a large self-governing virtual world with the goal of 10 cities of 10M citizens each.

The 6529 Museum District contains the 6529 Museum of Art and the museums of 6529 team members. It brings together a vast collection of 1/1s, generative art, and PFPs — it’s 6529’s first step in incubating OM. It’s also a big step for oncyber as a world-building engine for web3. 

OM expands upon familiar elements that our community knows — modular spaces that are connected via portals create a whole new city-based world. 

It’s the same oncyber building blocks, scaled and re-imagined.

The District demonstrates how portals make metaverse spaces composable: the 6529 Museum District features newly curated spaces, previously curated spaces, and spaces owned and managed by others.

The Museum District is the first step of OM, a much larger, interconnected world.

Alongside the release of the 6529 Museum District, oncyber is opening its first live interactive experience with a multiplayer experience. This mode will be rolled out in this world to begin, and shortly after, everyone will be able to navigate worlds together using NFT-based avatars.

Explore 6529 Genesis, chat in ACK Bar, and gather for a forum in 6529 General Assembly to connect with fellow community members. 

The 6529 Museum District is a milestone in working towards an open metaverse.

It’s a signal.

It’s a rallying call.

It’s an experiment.

oncyber is built on decentralized content. The value in this is that contributors, from 6529 to anyone else, can take their valuable assets elsewhere if they’re not pleased with the oncyber approach.

oncyber will continue experimenting with viable ways to build an open metaverse.

If the NFT ecosystem is to succeed in building an open metaverse, we need all hands on deck. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Visit the Museum District, join OM and oncyber discords and let us know how to make things better.
  2. Stay frosty :) we’ve got more coming your way.

oncyber will keep building alongside and for our community. We’re committed to improving our infrastructure to power the open metaverse.

Successfully building an open metaverse won’t be easy. What we know is that there’s a great opportunity for us to figure it out along the way.

“The plan is hard, the mission is almost impossible, the odds are against us, but, isn't it more fun that way?”

We’re going to go for it. We hope you will too.

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